Connected - A Ricky Dillon FanFic

Love-struck Brielle is willing to do anything to win the heart of YouTube sensation, Ricky Dillon. Even if it meant giving up everything she had.


2. The Dreams - Ricky

​I wake up with a start. This was the eighth time I had that weird dream with some girl named Brielle. I would walk into a dark room with just one very weak candle and look at her in the eye. She was gorgeous -- sort of like an ideal girlfriend. Caring, sweet, beautiful and sexy. I just wanted to be with her every step of the way. But when I would go over to kiss her, I couldn't. I would take a shaky breath and tell her I couldn't do it. She always looked so heartbroken but never said a word.

I washed my face with cold water and sighed. Today was the big day of my meet and greet. I was to fly to Denver to see my fans/best friends. I smiled a little and started brushing my teeth.

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