See now, this isn't a fictional story but it isn't a real story.
It has come alive, but never happened.
This is lustful and dangerous.
See it as backstage passes to the inside of my mind, to read my imagination.
I am sharing with you the things, and details that have wanted to be known for years.
This is Tranquillity.


1. The Fame and The Gory

  Looking around the old rotten apartment you can't happen to see anything but mold. Old, black mold, which can grow in-between fingernails if you let it. Sitting at the only thing that is clean and uncontaminated is called the computer desk, don't ask me why it's called that since Jacob and I can not seem to afford a damned computer anyways. 

        The dreaded noise that he loves to call "music" comes from the kitchen once again, the fifth time since the sun has come up into the shady windows. This thing is a prison that you will never be able to escape, the torture of it all is him. But I love him, right? My palms reach my ears to block out the screeching of the guitar strings. I love him. 

        Looking down in the one drawer that is in this desk, I remove one hand from my ear and open it, seeing Jacob's hand gun, which is fully loaded just in case an intruder comes into the apartment. I could not ever see a reason why someone would come and try to rob this horrid place, there is nothing in here but rats and aids. Well, not really aids but I am sure there is some weird STD in here from the  couple that lived in here before us. 

        Grabbing the gun I never realized how light it would be, I would think it would be heavier because of it's structure and it is full of bullets. Suddenly a loud slam comes from the kitchen and I drop the gun as I jump from fright, before I know it a shot goes through the wooden front door and I let out a blood curdling scream. "Vesper!" I hear Jacob scream immediately afterwards.

        My legs reach up to my chest, curled up in a ball in the swivel chair as he comes running out into the main room.

        "Vesper," He starts as he looks around the room for what I have done this time. "What the fuck?" His voice gets higher as he notices the brand new bullet hole in the wooden door. Jacob walks around the desk, noticing the gun still on the floor then he faces me, his face red with anger. 

        Next thing he pushes the chair over with me in it, causing me to hit the back of my head whilst he tells me how much of an idiot I am. The blood in my body rushes straight to my head as I see black spots in my eyes. "Whoa dude!" A deep voice calls and I blink slowly watching as people, his band members,  pull Jacob and his fist away from me. 

        My feet happen to move for me, I scramble off of the chair, feeling the back of my head with my left hand, bringing it back to my eyes and seeing the blood and my eyes widen. He has hit me over, and over, but has never made me bleed. Mumbles come to my ears as I try to focus on my blood.

        The black spots continue to blink in and out of my eyeballs as I get weary, more mumbles. I look up, at the other side of the room seeing one band member and Jacob arguing with one another. 

        "Asshole!" Is all I can make out, coming form the band member. Another one is at my side, apparently trying to make sure I am stable and alright. My eyes lead me to the gun on the ground, maybe I should end this. I could end my torture and kill myself, but that would be a pathetic way of getting rid of life problems.

        The boy next to me keeps talking to me, but I am only drowning in my own thoughts. Eyes flicker to the men arguing on the other side of the room, and the gun. Suddenly I have the gun in my hand and shoot it at Jacob's leg. 

        I watch as he falls to the ground, screaming in pain and the man that was arguing with him is now by his side with a concerned look, and a psychotic look when it comes to me. I slowly set the gun down on the computer desk and run my hand through my hair, my fingers getting tangled and pulling at the skin on the back of my head hurting because of the crack caused by the man I had just shot. 

        My feet rush myself over to Jacob and I bend down next to him, watching as he curses me out. He doesn't know I've lost my ability to hear from what he did, he thinks I'm being effected by his words so I laugh. I know everyone is looking at me, but I don't happen to care, let them stare. I almost just killed a man.

        Laughing, not being able to hear, barely being able to see, laughing.

        Laughing until you black out, laughing until you lose air and can no longer be a part of the world for a period of time. 


        Waking up and not knowing where you are can be the scariest thing ever to happen to a human being, no matter how twisted they are, but waking up in a white room not knowing where you are is even more terrifying, it could mean multiple things. Such as: you could be dead, you could have finally snapped and be in the mental ward, you could be in the hospital because of fatal in juries. Luckily the last one is my situation. 

        "You're awake! Welcome back to Earth, Miss Green." A peppy voice greets me as I sit up and look around. "You died for a few minutes," She continues, and I shoot her a look. "I died?" I mumble under my breath, looking at my lap. "You did die, but with the encouragement of your oh so wonderful boyfriend the doctors saved your life!" She explains as she pulls the curtain that hid the patient next to me away. It's Jacob, not awake, but it is Jacob.

        Memories of my gun shooting incident comes back, "I-is he alright?" I manage to say loudly. She responds with an immediate nod and smile. "You guys had a gun in the apartment that didn't have safety and it fell, shooting him in the leg! What a silly accident!" She laughs. Who is this woman? Why is she even in my hospital room?

        "I'm your nurse," She answers, like she can read my mind. "Name is Clarissa." The woman continues and walks closer to me. She tidy's up the blankets on top of me, even though I didn't ask for her to. Something drops out of her pocket onto me, and she suddenly walks out of the room. I want to call out to her and tell her she dropped something, but I know it is meant for me.

        I open the note:

"I know you shot him."

        I  crumple the paper up as quickly as possible and shove it into the nightstand drawer next to me. Sinking down into the bed, I know my life is soon to be over. 

For the rest of the night she doesn't come back to the room, nor does Jacob wake up, only moving a few times every thirty minutes. Sleeping seemed impossible, sleeping was no longer an option in my life. If Jacob does anything as to tell anyone that I shot him, I am done for. Either prison or murdered, that is my future. 

Now it is my time to run, it is my time to escape the torturous prison I have wanted to escape from for three years now. Vesper Green will disappear from existance, goodbye you should say. 

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