Laced Fingertips

A romantic novel from a females point of view as audiences are pulled into her heartbreak and bleeding love.
Read more to be taken on a roller coaster of emotion.


1. Wish You Weren't Here

As I scuffed the heel of my shoe on the muddy surface of ground, I knew that I had mucked up. I could taste the sweet, bitter tang of metal between my teeth, which I often got when staying out late and having no chance of finding a toothbrush.

I can remember every single emotion he made me feel.

I looked across the horizons. Usually the bright, burning sun scorning the yellow fields of corn could send my mind into a content sleep, but right now, images were scattered all over my brain and every was haywire. Not even a simple, soulful song from a sweet blue bird could make me smile.

I couldn't even crack a grin.

And I most definitely blamed him. The boy, with the crumpled band t-shirt and skinny jeans, who pulled me back and forwards like some sort of tug of war, as though I was an object. I loved every part of him, but hated the idea of his being. He was merely tearing me apart, piece by piece.

 But was he one to care? I believe not.

Tears were running down my unmade up cheeks now, the red rouge lipstick faded as I caught sight of my reflection in my phone screen. I did not need the reminder of no messages from him to plunge me deeper into a pit of despair. All he had done was cause me pain, which I was threw with.

So as I approached the silvery, gleaming stream, I tore the locket from my necklace. Engraved on the back was the simple message of 'L.B loved A.S'. With one quick motion, I tossed it into the river, regret falling beside the retched item.

I was done with anger. Done with the mistakes.

I was done, with Lucas Bradley.

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