Laced Fingertips

A romantic novel from a females point of view as audiences are pulled into her heartbreak and bleeding love.
Read more to be taken on a roller coaster of emotion.


3. Advanced Mathematics

Now, you're probably wondering why a fun and cheer girl, never show a frown girl like me would have such a tomboy like name like Andie? Well, you probably weren't but I'm going to tell you anyway.

My mum and dad, a proper pair of hippies, didn't believe it having scans to find out the sex of your child. No, they were certain that particular types of foods would borne you to a certain gendered child. So when my mum got pregnant for the first time with my brother Mitch, she was eating yogurt and cheese, which my dad believed lead to the birth of a baby boy.

Second time around, my mother switched to carbs, such as cereal and potatoes, which lead her to the pregnancy of my sister Lila. So, by this time, my parents were certain they had figured out 'The Foods Of Sex'.

But when my mum had me inside of my womb, she went back to dairy, which meant they were absaloutly certain I would be born a boy. So they had everything picked out. The blue clothes, nursery equipment, even the perfect name of Andy.

Which meant, that when I popped out on the hospital bed without a 'you know what', my parents were totally shocked. In fact, I'm pretty sure my mother fainted. So, in the mist of attempting to make everything okay, my parents just carried on pretending.

They brought me up with match of the day, burping contests and a love for beer which is hard to explain. How they loved it! Which is why I'm so close to Mitch, what with him and me having forced common interests.

Although, Lila has also helped me through a lot of stuff, what with the incident of my first period, where I literally thought I'd cut myself down there. 

What did I think of all this? I had to lump it. Boys clothes, football bed covers and the name of Andy Samuel stuck on my birth certificate.

But I tend to tell people that my full name is Addison, to avoid confusion. Oh, and I spell it Andie.

So, having to go to Maths class that morning and explain the whole story of my boy like name to the new teacher, Mrs Nicolson, was kind of routine check up. What wasn't a normal experience was having a unfamilar face walk right into my armful of books. In front of everyone

Which meant that everything went spilling everywhere. Literally.

"Whoa." I said, running my hand through my hair.

"I'm so sorry!" The boy said, bending down to pick up my books.

I bent down also. That's when I noticed his shoes.

"Hey! Red converse boy! I know you." I blurted, annoyed

I looked up at him the same time he looked up into my eyes, completely blue and full of innocence.

Which pissed me off even more.

"You do?" He asked, confused.

"Eugh, just watch where you're going." I scoffed, snatching my books and walked to my seat.

And I swear him mutter behind me 'not quite the warm welcome I was hoping for'. I just turned and glared.

And as Mrs Nicolson introduced this annoying and too bright to function boy to the class as Lucas Bradley, I couldn't even careless. Because I knew,

That Lucas Bradley and I were not going to become acquainted.


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