The Problem's of Teenage Parenthood

Maci, Sierra, Alexis and Tori. 4 new girls with 4 new stories. With all 4 girls getting pregnant at 16 and their children now being 2 years old, they had all had their struggles when it came to parenting as teenagers with rough family life and rocky relationships to name a few problems. When it comes to caring for 2 year olds, its never going to be easy but with many years ahead, can parenting ever get easier?


17. Updates on Maci

3 months later, Maci was in her 2nd year of school and was doing absolutely great. Tyler and herself had taken Marlee on a family holiday and their relationship was better than ever. Tom finally agreed on a real custody agreement but after drawing up an agreement suitable for both of them, Tom didn't turn up for the court date so hasn't seen his daughter again. 

Her sister, Mackenzie graduated high school and started college in California studying fashion to break into the design industry and was living with her boyfriend, Landon who was amazing for her and would never think of getting her pregnant until she was at least 21! 

Maci's life was going amazing. With a supportive family and boyfriend, and a beautiful baby girl she had everything going for her. She was almost there achieving her law degree and was planning to move out of state to find her dream job as a lawyer. Considering she got pregnant at 16 and thought her life was instantly over, she had done it and defied all odds and opinions.

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