The Problem's of Teenage Parenthood

Maci, Sierra, Alexis and Tori. 4 new girls with 4 new stories. With all 4 girls getting pregnant at 16 and their children now being 2 years old, they had all had their struggles when it came to parenting as teenagers with rough family life and rocky relationships to name a few problems. When it comes to caring for 2 year olds, its never going to be easy but with many years ahead, can parenting ever get easier?


19. Update on Alexis

Alexis gained her cosmetology degree and worked in the spa she was working in previous to gaining her degree for the next few months before her grandma gave her money to open her own spa in Denver which was an instant success. 

Ben got involved with Aubree and they eventually got back together, even moving in together after they earned enough money for a house. Her aunt Joan got in touch with her parents once more who agreed to meet her after discovering she had worked for the last 2 years, had her degree and was a proud homeowner. They apologised as soon as they saw each other for the first time in 2 years and said they would never doubt her decisions again. 

Ben proposed after they had been dating again for another 7 months and they were planning to marry in 3 years when they were older and more mature, and ultimately had a bit extra money on the side. 

Without the support she needed as a pregnant teenager, she had successfully raised her daughter without that much financial support and finally had the relationship she deserved and she wanted. It was like a rollercoaster that kept going up. 

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