The Problem's of Teenage Parenthood

Maci, Sierra, Alexis and Tori. 4 new girls with 4 new stories. With all 4 girls getting pregnant at 16 and their children now being 2 years old, they had all had their struggles when it came to parenting as teenagers with rough family life and rocky relationships to name a few problems. When it comes to caring for 2 year olds, its never going to be easy but with many years ahead, can parenting ever get easier?


16. Discoveries and Disappointment

Sierra had the day of school today and was over the moon she wasn't due in today for her practical exam as she had been throwing up since 6am. Ryan was luckily of work so took Brixton out for brunch with a friend of his so he didn't catch whatever was up with her. She only wanted to think of it as a minor bug but she couldn't help butbthik she was pregnant again, something she really didn't want as she had been on birth control for 2 years since Brixton was born but she always forgot to take her pill, that causing her first pregnancy! 

When it hit 12 o'clock and she hasn't stopped vomiting, she called her high school friends, Tori who had just had a baby, Maci and Alexis and asked them to come over with a pack of tests each. "What does it matter if your pregnant again? I managed didn't I?" Tori said. "You might be managing just fine but I'm rushed off my feet with one child, let alone two. I can't look after Brixton and Bria at the same time!" Sierra yelled. "Bria isn't your child, you could handle a second child of your own I'm sure." Maci said. "Mace, I'm gonna have to get rid of it if I am, I can't deal with this right now at all." She said. "Come on Sierra. Just think, you'll be done with school and will have probably worked a few months before you go on maternity leave so it work out for you. I didn't get the support you did the first time but now you're doing great." Alexis said. "I didn't want this to happen, I wanted to wait or never have another one." She sighed. "Go take them." Maci said.

Sierra went into the bathroom and ripped open all 3 packs of tests. She took them all as she drank a huge carton of orange juice before hand and was saying for the all important answer that would either ruin or maintain her lifestyle. The first 3 tests were ready and then the other 6 were to. She looked at the result: 9 positive. The tears soon streamed down as she was so disappointed with herself for letting it get to this. 

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