The Problem's of Teenage Parenthood

Maci, Sierra, Alexis and Tori. 4 new girls with 4 new stories. With all 4 girls getting pregnant at 16 and their children now being 2 years old, they had all had their struggles when it came to parenting as teenagers with rough family life and rocky relationships to name a few problems. When it comes to caring for 2 year olds, its never going to be easy but with many years ahead, can parenting ever get easier?


12. Baby Names and Best Friends

Tori was at home for the morning with Ryan and Jack before going out to met her best friend from high school, Maci who also had a daughter at 16 close to Tori. The family were trying to choose a final name for their daughter as Tori was now 27 weeks. "I like Addisyn, Addi for short." Tori said. "What about another J thought? Like Jessica or Jessie?" Ryan suggested. "We don't have to stick to a letter, babe. Hey Jack, what would you like your little sister to be called. Addi or Jessie?" Tori asked her son. "I like Addi mommy." Jack said probably just saying Tori's name as he was to busy playing with his toys...

"Nova?" Tori said. "To modern. Emilie?" Ryan suggested. "Um not sure. What about Paislee?" "I'm not sure on that one. This is so hard." Ryan sighed. "We named him quicker than this!" Tori laughed. "Let's take a break, go get ready to meet Maci." Ryan said,kissing her forehead before she went to get changed. 

Tori pulled on a clean outfit before driving out to a Starbucks to meet Maci. She arrived in record time to see Maci stood outside on her own, looking incredibly thin. "Hey stranger!" Tori yelled. "Tor!" Maci squealed running to hug Tori. 

"So how've you been." Tori asked. "Great, apart from looking like a whale." Tori laughed. "Shut up! Your a hot momma!" Maci laughed. "Your sweet haha. It's been easier this time I guess." She said. "Cos your not 16 and unsure about if your relationship will survive or not." Maci said. "Yep, it wasn't exactly easy being 16 and having Ryan still deciding if he wants to be involved. I'm glad I've grown up this time." "You got it good with a supportive baby daddy, Tom hasn't seen Marlee for months." Maci sighed.   

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