Black Roses

"Come on Kenzie!" Said one of her friends, Kristie."You know he likes you!" Stated another, Rhianna. "No way guys. Come on, it's not even close to the dance! I know he'll say no anyways!" Kenziw whispered. He looked over at them. Valentine was his name. He had these dark deep brown eyes and beutiful blonde hair that he had just finished fussing with it. Kenzie pried her eyes off of his face and looked away. She pretended to to talk with her friends about her 2nd period math teacher, Mr.Griffin. "He's looking!" Kenzie leaned in and whispered.


1. The Secret Message

              Kenzie's phone vibrated. She slowly pulled it out of her back pocket, pulling her math book down so Mr.Griffin couldn't see her texting. It was her best friend The Rhianna. The message read "meet me at ur hows after skool, k? ~ luv Rhi 😍😘😛"   Kenzi smiled at Rhi's "texting language". Kenzie did it too, but not as severe as Rhi. Rhi called it her own language just to xover up the fact that she is too lazy to actually write the whole word. "What is so funny about algebra, Makenzie?" Mr.Griffin boomed. "Uh, I was...was... smiling at how easy it is" Kenzie replied, agrivated at how he called her Makenzie and not Kenzie."Well good. Then you will be able to answer this question right? With no problems?" He asked. "Y-Yea" She said wih fake confidence. 

                "What does X equal in this equation?" He asked as he was writing, X= 22 · 9 on the board. 

                 "Uh... uh..." she said , her voice shaking, scribbling in her notebook.

                  "If it's so easy you shouldn't have to write it down" he stated.

                   Kenzie looked up, she had the answer. she thought it was 198. "Th-" she got cut off by him shouting "Don't tell me you were on your phone, Makenzie?" Giving her a suspicious sideways look.

                   Kenzie sighed, quickly shoving her phone in her back pocket and shutting it off.

                    Mr.Griffin was a nice teacher. He was the only nice teacher. "Thank you Makenzie" he smiled ungratefully. He was all about calling people by their full names no matter what they said. He thought it was proffessional.


               Kenzie was walking home from school completley forgetting about meeting Rhi after " skool", as she called it. When she got home her mom had left her a note reading "I am at work sweetie. Don't worry. Dn't forget to do your homework! I might be a while" So she went straight to her room ready to flop down on her bed. She didn't have any homework today so she could just relax and play Five Nights at Freddy's.

               When she opened the door Rhi was there sitting on Kenzie's red and black bed. Kenzie wasn't a girly girl. Kenzie was kinda...Emo or... Goth, like people called her.

                "Oh hey Rhi. What are you doing here?" Kenzie asked. "Uh, don't you remember? In Mr.Griffin's class? The text I sent you?" Rhi said. "OH!" Kenzie shouted then jumped on top of Rhi to give her a "bear hug". "Oof! Hey, guess what?" Rhi asked "What? Kenzie replied. "Have your toenails finally grown a little bit?" "Ew! No!" Rhi shouted "There is a prom coming up! And I have a message for you!" "From who?! Tell me now!" Kenzie screeched.

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