Reign of the Ocelot

A young ocelot named Striper is taunted by his sister. His sister keeps calling him "pathetic" and that he's never going to be a "real cat" . So he decides to prove her wrong. He travels through three different dimensions, the Overworld, the End and the Nether. He encounters many things, mobs and situations that could put his life in danger. Will he survive?


1. The Tree Climbing Dilema

         It was a normal day in Minecraft™ and Scratch's brother, Stripe, was too scared to climb the tree to get home. We lived in trees. You can't blame us, I mean, we were ocelots, we loved to climb and hang out in trees. "No! I can't! It's too high!" He mewed in his terrified little voice. "Oh c'mon Stripe, I did it. Now stop being pathetic and climb! You have to use your claws!" krissy yelled down from the top of the tree. Sometimes I wonder if he is even related to me she thought. "I know i'm stupid but not that stupid! I know I have to use my claws!" He screeched Wait... my claws? He  wondered. He tried extending them but it did nothing. "How do I extend my claws?!" He asked. "Really?!?! Your'e never going to be a real cat if you don't know how to even use your claws!!!" His sister exploded. Stripe sighed. "I guess... i'll have to figure it out..." he mumbled.

                   He imagined himself unsheathing his claws and climbing up the blocky tree like no problem. He sighed again. Am I really never going to be a real cat? he questioned himself. He tried unsheathing his claws again. This time he felt something sliding. He looked down and saw claws glinting in the sunlight.

                   These are mine... right? He thought. I really am that stupid. they cant be any other cat's because there are no other cats around! He thought, depressed.They are attached to me so they must be mine. 

                   He gave climbing a try. He lunged at the tree imagining it was an intuder to his territory. He dug his claws into the trunk as if he was digging his claws into the flesh of a foolish pig. He started losing his grip on the bark and slid back down the tree leaving blocky scratch marks. He sighed again. He tried once more but the same thing happened. "Third times the charm" he said quietly. He tried again. This time he got up about halfway and stopped. "Hey! Scratch! Look i'm up ! I'm up! Almost there!" Stripe exclaimed. "Yay" Scratch said lamely. Stripe kept a rythym. Paw, foot, foot, paw foot foot. He finally got all the way up. "Scratch! Look I did it!" He yelled exitedly       

                    "What do you think you're strong now? You're so macho? Just because you climbed a tree? Hmph. He never grows up." Scratch said mockingly. "Oh come on now Scratch! Of course he will grow up! Stop being foolish." Mom said. She walked up to stripe with a small fish in her jaws. To Stripe it looked huge. She set it down in front of him as a treat. "Here." She said soothingly. "Congratulations on climbing the tree!". Scratch stalked inside with a huff and went to her room. Stripe sighed. Why does it seem like she hates me? 


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