*yes I have this under green, but there are some things that may be... Implied. Also mature themes like parties, dating and adoption. Some subjects may trigger sensitivities. You know, maybe I should've just made it yellow.*

Crystal Greene had been spoiled since birth. Her parents where rich and where often off on business trips, leaving her alone to throw parties, shop for her dream cloths collection, and have friends over. Because of this, she was one of the most popular girls in her grade. The one thing she didn't have was the information that she happened to be adopted.

Lexi Wood was a third class citizen; always had been, always will be. She lived in a cramped apartment building with her mom, who was never home due to her alcohol addiction. Lexi, a quiet wallflower, had always know she was adopted. To her, it was a simple fact that came with life.

When Lexi and Crystal run into each other on their first day as a junior- literally, ouch!- their whole world gets turned upside down.

1. A/N

Hello! Well, this is nice, isn't it?

I would like everyone to know that my old Movellas account sucked so I deleted it. I made it when I was about 10, so you understand. My interests have changed.

Anyway, on to what you're ACTUALLY interested in. The story!

I made these characters. I made this plot line.

In other words, THIS IS COPYWRITED.


Updates will be whenever I feel like writing, (which is often) but if they are slow, it's because of my other story on Wattpad. I'm thinking about putting this on there too, but I want to see how many people are interested first.

I will not be assigning celebrities to play my characters. I think it's important to imagine them as you see fit. If you have this mental image of them but they're supposed to look like a celebrity, it gets confusing and you become more focused on that than the story.

So, there we have it!

Update will probably come later today.



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