Journey to the Stars

These are the untold adventures of The Doctor and Amy Pond.
Through Time and Space and everything in between.
(Told through the point of view of Amy Pond)


1. Chicago 2015: The monster in Flesh

“So where shall we go next?” the Doctor asked, closing the TARDIS doors. I shrugged and sat down.

“You pick, I am completely beat.” I yawn, getting up and walking toward the stairs.

“And Doctor, take the long way.” I smile and head up the stairs. I walk past 4 doors and enter the fifth to the left. I entered a small room with a bunk bed, a small end table, a mini refrigerator and a TV. I fall into the bottom bunk. I pull the covers over me and I rest my head on the pillow. I close my eyes, and the pictures come alive, Rory and I, and when he proposed to me, when we first met. Part of me wishes I didn’t leave and the other,it wants to explore time and space. I slowly drift off to sleep, dreaming of my life back home, my life with Rory and all my friends. 


    “Amy!Amy! AMELIA POND!” The Doctor calls out.

My eyes fling open, revealing a familier face.

“God Doctor, ever heard of personal space?” I mutter, sitting up. He grabs my hand and pulls me up.

“Pond! We don’t have time to lazy around, we are at our next adventure! Chicago,Illinois, United States of America, Earth , MILKY WAY GALEXY! 2015!” He shouts, dancing around. I roll my eyes and I let go. 

“Yeah Yeah. I am hungry.” I groan. I could feel his disappointment but I was too hungry to care.

“So food yeah?” I ask, walking down the steps.

“Yes, food.” He says grumpily. I walk to the doors and I stop. 

“Chicago you say?” I smile, opening the door a crack. I felt The Doctor’s hand on my shoulder.

“Yes! Now go get your food so we can walk around and do some 2015 … stuff.” He pushes the door open to reveal crowds of people walking through the snowy sidewalks of Chicago.

“This? is Chicago 2015?” I mutter disgustingly. 

I didn’t really have a liking to the US. Nobody liked them, and us Scotland weren't exactly fans.

“Yeah! This is Chicago, THE WINDY CITY!” The Doctor shouts, throwing his hands up in the air. I have to admit, like a idiot. The Doctor closed the TARDIS doors behind him.

“So food? Well there is a McDonalds right down the street!” The Doctor points to the sign.

“Sure why not. America food, let’s try it, but I am not doing to expect quality.” I fake smile, walking down the sidewalk. 

“No, why would you expect quality. It’s McDonalds.” He smiles, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. If you didn’t know any better, you would call us a couple. As we walked down the sidewalk many people stared at us, not the normal kind of look. More the “I have seen you in the paper, you are in the wanted section and I can't seem to remember if you look like the picture” kind of look. 

“Doctor?” I whisper quietly as more people look.

“Yes?” he smiles pointing at the little kids running past us.

“Everyone is looking at us weird and not the good kind.” I whisper. The Doctor stopped. He looked around. Then everyone else did.

Nobody moved, not even a blink or a flinch.

“Doctor? What is going on?” I grasp onto his jacket, staying as close as possible.

“AHHHH!” a loud, high pitched voice screamed.

“I don’t know but someone else is moving which makes me think, these people, aren't people and they are indeed, not human.” he whispers. He grabs my hand.

“Amy, Amelia, one word… RUN!” he yells.

He pulls me through the people who begin to move, and they mimicked The Doctor’s moves. Running, into us, and other running next to us.

The scream continued, the high pitched scream that sounded like a kid, a scared kid and that is a sound I don’t like to hear often. 

“Doctor!” I scream as he pulls me through the running people.

“WE HAVE TO FIND THE GIRL!” he screams, pulling me through the crowds and crowds of people. He took a sharp left into a alley. I took a deep breath, resting my arms on my legs. The Doctor was walking cautiously down the alley toward a dark figure curled up next to a garbage can.

“Doctor?” I whisper. He puts his finger up, signaling me to shut up.

“Little girl?” The Doctor whispers, squatting down to the small figure.

“Your not like the others? Not like my parents? Or my sisters?” a voice chokes out. The Doctor shakes his head. 

“No. But tell me. What exactly are the others?” he smiles, holding out his hand.

“Monsters.” the girls whispers. She sets her surprisingly large hand on his.

“Oh! Not so little girl. You are what? 14?” he ask patting her hand.

“Yeah.” She stands up. She had brown hair, and green eyes.

She wore a shirt that said "EXTERMINATE!" with a dalek.

"Doctor?, this can't be right! She has a dalek on her shirt! Who has a dalek on their bloody shirt!" I exclaim pointing to the girl who looked down at her shirt.


She runs to The Doctor and locks him in a bear hug.

She lets go and runs to me.

"You must be..." her face fell, like she knew something about me that wasn't very nice.

"Amy Williams." she smiles, wiping a tear from her cheek.

Well that made my day better. I live long enough to marry Rory.


~That is all, I hope you like it. I have a thing for Doctor Who fandoms so

comment any of yours or others and I will be sure to check it out. 


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