An unfullfilled phrophecy

Damien Demon is exactly that a demon. He has killed millions of people both human and supernatural in the 2 centuries he has been alive and wreaking havoc on lives. Yea, 2 centuries. No one really knows how its possible, because let's face it. It just is'nt.
(Now dont worry, this story is'nt about the villain. It's more about the people who will take him down. In other words kill him.)
The last Known Seer gave a last phrophecy on her death bed (like literally)
about Damien. The person to kill him wil be known as the True Alpha. And this story is about Eric Carmichael and his mistakes and achievements on his journey towards a peaceful world.

1. Blurb

BLURB. One emotion, Fear. Fear is all there is as far as the eye can see. Once, many years ago, the world was a happy place, everywhere you looked there were smiles and laughter but, now there is only chaos. All, because of one man, Damien Demon. A man that hungers for power. However, there is a little bit of light left in this world of darkness. Hope. Hope, for a better world, which can only be gained from someone brave enough to defeat him and that is only the True Alpha. But, Damien always knew that the True Alpha will someday awaken and end the war and misery he unleashed on to the world. He also knew that there will be only one weakness for this person. So, he was always searching high and low not for the Alpha, but, for the Alpha’s only weakness, the Alpha’s mate. The True Luna. MEANINGS OF TERMS. Pack A pack is when a bunch of werewolves live together as a society they are called a pack and is given a certain name as an identity. Alpha An Alpha is the leader of the pack. It is a birthright, but can be claimed by beating the rightful alpha in a duel, to the death. Luna A Luna is the mate of the Alpha. Beta A Beta is the second in command of the pack, leads the pack in the Alpha’s absence. It is a birthright, but can be claimed by beating the rightful alpha in a duel, to the death. Crescent A Crescent is the mate of the Beta. Delta A Delta is the third in command of the pack, is the acting Beta in the Alpha’s absence. It is a birthright, but can be claimed by beating the rightful alpha in a duel, to the death. Rogue Werewolves that don’t belong to any pack for a certain reason. Mark A mark is what appears on a mate’s neck when his/her mate claims them by biting True Alpha The True Alpha can be any male creature that has more strength than any other species, also has abilities such as, can control any creature, can heal any creature. True Luna The True Luna is the True Alpha’s mate. She also has abilities of her own like, can sense when any creature is in deathly trouble, can make anyone feel calm with a single touch. Celestial Academy A school for all kinds of creatures. The academy teaches not only skills required for that kind of creature but also history and scientific subjects as well. Alpha Training Academy A school where Alphas, Betas and Deltas can train to become both mentally and physically ready to take responsibility of their rank. NAMES AND DEFINITIONS OF TYPES OF CREATURES. Werewolf A creature that shifts into a wolf after the age of 15, can communicate via mind link. Wizard A person that can use magic. Siren A creature that can control anyone of the opposite gender. Stormier A creature that can control the elements to mess with the weather or anything else. Phoenix A creature that can become and command shadows. Dragon Hunter Anyone that releases dragons from age old curses put on them when all creatures were afraid of them. Usually, dragons can only be released from curses by killing them or performing an equally dangerous counter spell. CHARACTERS • Eric Carmichael [werewolf] {hero} Blue eyes, Brown hair, True Alpha, Son of Robert and Angela Carmichael, Soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, Mate to Julianna Stryker, Student of Alpha Training Academy, Aiden Eric’s Wolf, Black fur, Black eyes, (normally) Red Eyes, (when angry) • Julianna Stryker [werewolf] {heroine} Brown eyes, Red hair, True Luna, Daughter of Josh and Mellissa Stryker, Mate to Eric Carmichael, She is a dragon hunter that befriends them, Student of Celestial Academy Sky Julianna’s Wolf, White fur, Blue eyes, • Robert Carmichael [werewolf] Brown eyes, Brown hair, (wolf’s eyes are yellow) Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, Mate to Angela Carmichael, Father to Eric Carmichael • Angela Carmichael [werewolf] Blue eyes, Brown eyes, (wolf’s eyes are blue) Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, Mother to Eric Carmichael, Mate to Robert Carmichael, • Josh Stryker [werewolf] Brown eyes, Black hair, (wolf’s eyes are ochre) Head warrior of the Blue Moon Pack, Father to Julianna Stryker, Mate to Mellissa Stryker, • Mellissa Stryker [werewolf] Brown eyes, Blonde, (wolf’s eyes are yellow) Member of the Blue Moon Pack, Mother to Julianna Stryker, Mate to Josh Stryker, • Damien Demon [werewolf] {villain} Black eyes, Black hair, (wolf’s eyes are black) Alpha of all rogues, Wants to conquer all the supernatural species, • Dylan Suarez [werewolf] Green eyes, Brown hair, Eric’s Beta, Mate to Amber Black, • Amber Black [stormier] Brown eyes, Dirty blonde hair, (Eyes turn to the color of the element she channels,) Student of Celestial Academy, Mate to Dylan Suarez • Sienna Krystal [half siren] Blue eyes, Blue hair, Eyes and hair both turn darker shades of blue when angry, Student of Celestial Academy, • Sierra Briar [human] Blue eyes, Blonde hair, Martial arts expert, Student of Celestial Academy, • Kiana Phoenix [phoenix] Brown eyes, Brown hair, (eyes turn black, hair turns red when angry) Student of Celestial Academy, • Mrs. Dumont [wizard] Green eyes, Grey hair,
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