Camp Half-Blood Diaries – Daughter of Poseidon

Dear Diary,
Today I got attacked by a gorgon and found out that I'm a Demigod. My Dad turned out to be Poseidon, the god of the sea. I have a brother called Percy, too. Who, not to mention, treats me like a kid. Now I'm learning how to kill monsters in this place called Camp Half-Blood. Wish me luck!

Lydia Waters knew she was different. She never fit in with the other kids at school, either. What Lydia didn't know was that her father is the Sea God, Poseidon, from Greek Mythology.

Myths aren't real, right? Then why am I part of one?


2. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Enjoy your stay or die

Grover pulls on my arm and we start running past the trees.

"Where are we going?!" I ask him.

"This special place for people like you and me." He replies vaguely. Wait - does he think I'm mental or something?!

"B-but there's nothing wrong with me!!!" I protest.

Grover just lets out a sharp, throaty bleat, which sounded like a laugh, "blah ha ha! Did you think we were going to?... You are hysterical! There's no doubt that you are definitely my best friend's sister!"

"Oh phew, thank God! So... Where are we going?" I ask in exasperation.

"Firstly, you should be saying thank the Gods. We're going to Camp Half-Blood. It's a place for demigods like you."

"Wait... What those monsters were saying about my Dad being..."

"Gorgons. And yes, your father is no other than Poseidon, Lord of the Sea."

"Wait, WHAT?! Dude, that isn't normal!" I yell in shock.

"Yeah? Were those Gorgons normal, then? Was me being a satyr normal? Heck! I said something similar to your brother when we found out Luke was the Lightning Thief!" Grover bleats.


We continue walking past white fence signs saying PICK YOUR OWN STRAWBERRIES. After a while, I see a pine tree unlike any of the others with a golden fleece sitting on it.

"Mr. Underwood, is that...?"

"Call me Grover! We're friends now! And yep, that is no other than the Golden Fleece, sitting on Thalia's tree. Incase you're wondering, Thalia is your half-cousin and the daughter of Zeus. She nearly died so Zeus turned her into a pine tree to keep her alive. She's human and okay now. Your brother once saved me from being the cyclops, Polyphemus' wife! We took the golden fleece to prevent Thalia's tree from dying, since it was poisoned, and she magically appeared! She's now a hunter of Artemis." He replies, nodding his head in satisfaction. God - I mean Gods, he acts like this is all normal! Then again, he is a satyr. To him growing up, hiding his fur must not of been normal.


Grover leads me and we walk past the tree. Immediately, Ancient Greek writing catches my eye. Suddenly, the symbols fly off the sign and magically re-arrange themselves in English.

"Camp Half-Blood," I read the sign. Grover smiles at me.

"Yep! This is it, Lydia. And you'll be pleased to know that it isn't a mental hospital."

I blush, remembering what happened earlier.


I look around the camp to see a girl with blonde hair and grey eyes talking with a boy. He has sea-green eyes and jet black hair. Why do I get the feeling that I know him?

"Grover, is that...?" I ask, still staring at him.

"Yeah... That's your brother..."

"And is his name... Percy?"

"How did you-" Grover looks at me, stunned with his eyes wide.

"I-I don't know... I just... Remembered..." It's like a light bulb just flashed in my mind. How did I even know that?


Percy looks over in our direction and freezes. The blonde-haired girl he was talking to looks to see what he's staring at. He starts running towards Grover and me.

"Ly-Lydia?" He asks, eyes wide.

"Yeah..." As soon as I say that word, Percy throws his arms around me.

"Oh Zeus, it is you!" Percy hugs me so tightly I can barely breathe.

"Percy..." I whisper and hug him back. "It's been twelve whole years, hasn't it?" It's like my memory is coming back piece by piece.

"Lydia, you don't know how much I've missed you!" Percy lets go of me and smiles. The girl he was with comes up to us.

"Percy... Is this your..." She asks, looking at me intensely. I freeze under her gaze and suddenly lose all my confidence.

"Yeah! This is Lydia, my long-lost sis!" Percy says, wrapping one arm around me and pulling me close.


The girl smiles at me. "Hi, I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Pleased to meet you." Annabeth sticks her hand out and I shyly take it.

"N-nice to meet you..." I manage to reply.


"That's right!" Grover turns to me. "I better take you to Chiron! He'll want to meet the Sea God's daughter."

"Wait... The Chiron? The one that trained Achilies, Heracles and all types of other heroes?!" I ask in disbelief.

"You know it!" Grover jumps excitedly, which puts me off because of the weird way his legs are shaped.

"I'm coming too. I wanna see Sis' face when Mr. Brunner loses his wheelchair!" Percy exchanges grins with Grover and I'm not sure what to think.

"Um... Maybe I'll just go back to..." I start too turn around to the entrance when Percy grabs my arm.


"Nuh uh Sis! You're not leaving me again!" Percy pulls my arm and we follow Grover to a large building.

"This is the Big House. Where Mr. D and Chiron live!" Grover stares at the amazing structure.

"Mr. D?" I ask Percy.

"Dionysus, the God of Wine. He's also the camp's director. Zeus sent him here and appointed him director for a century as punishment for chasing an off-limits Nymph." Percy explains to me. "Well, let's go!"


Grover opens the door and I step in to see a man with a black beard and a leopard print shirt. Wearing shorts and flip-flops to expose his hairy legs. The man next to him is in a wheelchair. He has kind, aged eyes, brown hair and a beard. They turn around when they hear us come in.

"Ah! You must be Lydia!" The man in the wheelchair smiles at me. I look at Percy who mouths Chiron.

The other man just sighs. "Great. Another one of Poseidon's rats.."

Percy balls his hands in fists. "I'd appreciate it if you don't call my sister a rat, Mr.D"

"Whatever, Peter Johnson. What's your name, anyway?" Dionysus asks unenthusiastically.

"Lydia." I say. Percy gives me a nudge and I sigh. "My name is Lydia Jackson and I'm honored to meet you." I bow my head to them both. I can here Percy's ever so slight snorts.

"Well, Lily Ria Johnson, this is Camp Half-Blood. You weren't even meant to be born. Well, you're here now. Peter, show Lily Ria the Cabins." Mr. D gives one more exasperated sigh before turning back to his cards.

"What do you mean by that?" I ask.

"A long time ago, Dad made this deal with Hades and Zeus that they weren't allowed any kids to prevent this scary prophecy from happening. When the first child of the Big Three, our nickname for them, turns sixteen, they're meant to decide the fate of Olympus. And it just so happens that the unlucky demigod who does that is me."


"Anyway, let's go!" We start walking out of the Big House.

"Wait." Someone puts a hand on my shoulder and I turn around to see... 

"Chiron! Yo-you're a-" My eyes widen when I see Chiron out of his wheelchair with horse legs.

"Yes, I am a centaur. I used to be your brother's Latin teacher in Yancy Academy, under the name, Mr.Brunner."

"Hey, Perce! Mr. Brunner lost his wheelchair!" Grover nudges Percy.

"Yeah! And Grover lost his trousers!" Percy and Grover laugh hysterically as I just watch them, dumbfounded. They're making a joke about this...? Now I know why people don't get along with their siblings.

"Quit teasing me, you two!" I cross my arms and pout.

Percy pinches my cheek. "Aw, Lyds! You're so cute! You just remind me of how much I missed you!"

"I..." I blush and look down. Does he have to be like this?

"Anyway, I'll show you our cabin!" Percy pulls my arm and we leave the Big House.


Percy takes me to a place near the middle of camp. Cabins join up to make the shape of the Greek Omega symbol. He holds my hand and drags me along.

"This is it! Cabin 3." He says. I stare at it in awe. Seashells decorate the beautiful marble mint-green pillars. "Quit daydreaming Sis! C'mon!"

I step inside and am even more shocked. The floor looks like waves and beautiful ornaments like seashells and pictures of the trident are hung on the walls. Percy points to the bed next to his. It has a canopy that drapes over the head of the bed and the sheets look so soft and beautiful.

"That's your bed. We also have a half-brother, Tyson. He's really nice and he's also a cyclops!" Percy smiles at me. Surprisingly, that doesn't faze me. Probably because of all that has happened today.

"Percy... About my past..." I start but am cut off by Percy.

"Oh crap! It's curfew!" Percy jumps when he sees the seashell-shaped clock glowing a tint blue. "Hey, Lydia?"

"Hm?" Just as I turn around, Percy hugs me tight. "Percy?" I ask, hugging him back.

"I was so happy when Grover found you, when Grover found my little sister..." He whispers into my ear.

"Percy..." I choke on my words.

Percy pulls away, puts both hands on my shoulders and looks into my eyes. "I promise I'll tell you everything, alright?"


"But right now, we should get to bed. You need to rest after all that's happened today. I forgot what it was like to be new... Sorry for teasing you..."

"It's fine." I smile at him.

"Well, goodnight, Lydia!"

"Goodnight, Percy..."

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