Camp Half-Blood Diaries – Daughter of Poseidon

Dear Diary,
Today I got attacked by a gorgon and found out that I'm a Demigod. My Dad turned out to be Poseidon, the god of the sea. I have a brother called Percy, too. Who, not to mention, treats me like a kid. Now I'm learning how to kill monsters in this place called Camp Half-Blood. Wish me luck!

Lydia Waters knew she was different. She never fit in with the other kids at school, either. What Lydia didn't know was that her father is the Sea God, Poseidon, from Greek Mythology.

Myths aren't real, right? Then why am I part of one?


4. Clarisse, your theory is indeed absolutely wrong

I stare at the glowing trident above my head until in finally vanishes.

 "Do you need any more proof, Clarisse?" Chiron asks, tilting his head to the side.

 "I... I... ARRRGGGGHHH!!!" Clarisse shoves me backwards as she storms out of the hall. I lose my balance and am about to fall - but I don't hit the ground. I open my eyes to see that someone has caught me. He has black hair and grey eyes.

 "You okay?" He asks.

 "Y-yeah," I rush to stand up and pull away, "thanks," I say.

 "No problem! I'm Gray, son of Athena. Nice to meet you, Lydia!" He shakes my hand with a charming smile on his face.

 "Yeah... Hi..."

 "Well, I better go. Nice meeting you," He rushes off to join the other Athena cabin mates whilst I stare after him. My head feels like it's about to explode after all of this.


I look back at Percy with hurt in my eyes. I can't stand it anymore and run out before anyone can see me cry. When I get to the Poseidon Cabin, I burst into tears. This wasn't fair. I know now that I'll never be accepted anywhere. I don't belong anywhere. Thanks for doing nothing but putting a stupid glowing fork on my forehead, Dad! That really helps! I could just leave Camp Half-Blood if I wanted, but I'd have nowhere else to go. Monsters are after me... And I'm pretty sure the orphanage wouldn't want me back - who knows what they saw through the mist?


 "Lydia...?" I hear a voice softly call my name.  I keep my head down in my pillow and sob.

 "Go away, Seaweed Brain!" I mumble into my pillow. Percy comes over and hugs me.

 "I'm sorry... I knew it was you but after what Clarisse said, I..." He trails off.

 "Yeah, aren't we all sorry?"

 "We can't change the past..." Percy begins.

 "But we can write the future..." Percy and I say in unison. I take my tear-stained face out of the pillow to look at him. Percy's giving me a kind smile, not the stupid one, the kind one.


 "Mum used to say it when we were kids. Before she gave you up..." Percy looks down and I lift his chin up.

 "Percy... You promised you would tell me everything... About everything. I think now is a better time than any," I say, holding one of his hands. Percy sighs.

 "I will tell you one day, just not today..." 

 "Why not?"

 "'CAUSE CAPTURE THE FLAG IS TOMORROW AND WE HAVE TO TRAIN!" Percy does a victory air-punch and starts dancing around the cabin like a crazy person.

 "Woah! Perseus Jackson, calm down!" I raise my voice in shock.

 "COME ON, LYDIA! LET'S TRAIN!" Percy pulls my hand and runs to the training grounds.


I grab the sword that I got as a present from Vicky and Percy yesterday. Percy smiles when he sees me admiring it.

 "It's called 'thálassa lepída'. I thought you'd like it," 

 "Thálassa lepída... That's Greek for 'Sea Blade', right?" I ask.

 "Yes! You're finally getting to understand it all, huh?" Percy grins and I blush.

 "W-well, I'm not exactly sure..."

 "Are you kidding?! The most I could do was read the sign when I first came!"

 "Cool!"  I smile because... I really had nothing else to say.

 "Let's go!" 


Percy jumps forward like he's about to attack and takes out... A pen?

 "Hate to burst your bubble there, heh pun, but that's a pen...." I point out.

"Yes! And it's my greatest weapon of all time!" Percy holds the pen in the air triumphantly and I just stand there, dumbfounded.

 Percy notices my confusion and quickly adds, "it may look like a pen, but when you take the lid off..."


Suddenly, the pen started glowing and transformed into a beautiful celestial bronze sword.

 "What the..."

 "But, in truth, this is Riptide, also better know as Anaklusmos!"

 "No way... Heracles sword?!"

 "Yep, but now it's mine! A little gift from Dad,"


Percy points to the blade I am holding. "If you press the jewel on Sea Blade, it turns into a necklace so that no one suspects a thing!"

I press the beautiful sapphire and it immediately turns itself into a necklace with a silver chain around my neck.

 "It's so pretty..." I gasp.

 "It suits you, lil' sis!" Percy exclaims, "shall we?"

I nod and press the sapphire once again. Sea Blade appears in my right hand and I grip it tightly. Percy charges at me and tries to strike. I dodge it and try to cut him, no such luck. We keep sparing, somehow not able to lay a hit on the other. Our sword entangle together and fly out of our hands. We both laugh.

 "Not as great as we thought, huh?" I ask.

 "Sea Blade is riptide's sister. They were made from the same Celestial Bronze. That's why they can't hurt each other,"

 "I see," I reply.

 "Also," Percy begins, "it's impossible for us to lose them. Riptide will always re-appear in my pocket as a pen and Sea Blade will always turn into a necklace and appear on your neck,"

 "That's so cool!" I exclaim as the necklace appears on my neck. Percy gives me a stupid smile and takes Riptide out of his pocket.

 "Once more?" He asks.

 "Oh yeah!"


Our blades clash as we fight in the quiet training centre. Of course, we can't hurt each other.

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