New Beginnings

17 year old Caroline is used to being uprooted from her comfort zone and moving somewhere new. However, when her parents promise that Beacons Hills will be there last stop for awhile, she becomes hopeful that this is the new beginning that she's been longing for.


2. Part II

After sitting in Ms. Muarry’s class for approximately twenty two minutes, my mind started to wander. I wondered what life would be like at Beacon Hills High School. What extra curricular activities would I join? Which classes would I enjoy? Who would I become friends with? Will I make new friends? Then I remembered Stiles. He appeared to enjoy my company and our brief conversation hadn’t been at all awkward. He seemed like a potential friend but he could also just be one of those people. You know the people who seem so genuinely interested in what you have to say and they make you feel really special? Of course they are extremely lovely and want to make you feel good but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to become your best friend. I contemplated if my budding friendship with Stiles had ended when I entered this classroom. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough if he wants to continue becoming friends. Even if he doesn’t, I’ll still see him in the hallways I assured myself. Knowing one person is better than being completely isolated. You’ll be fine I told myself and decided to go back to paying attention to the lesson instead of worrying about my social life. 
I looked up from my notebook and moved my attention to the gleaming whiteboard. However as I glanced up I made unintentional eye contact with the teacher. Damn I thought as I adverted my gaze.
‘ Caroline!’ she beamed.
‘Yes?’ I replied.
‘ Perhaps you’d like to inform us all what the chemical formula of aluminium sulfate is?’
Surprisingly I didn’t want to inform her nor could I.
‘ Em…’ I aimlessly stuttered.
‘ Actually it’s your first day so I’ll come back to you tomorrow.’ She said with a wink.
‘ Thanks?’ I replied, not fully knowing what the appropriate response was.
Her eyes surveyed the rest of the students before stopping on someone that I couldn’t see from my front row seat. 
‘ Lydia! Is there any chance that you know..’
‘Al2(SO4)3’ she said before Ms. Muarry had even fully repeated the question.
‘ Excellent! Well done Lydia.’ Ms. Muarry praised. 
‘ Mm’ Lydia replied. Something in her tone made it sound like she was born with the knowledge of aluminium sulfate's chemical formula, along with other intelligent and scientific tidbits. 

When the bell finally sounded I hopped out of my uncomfortable stool and headed for the door. 
‘ Oh Caroline! Hang back a bit.’ Ms. Muarry’s voice instructed me. 
Great I muttered under my breath as I closed the distance between the door and her desk. 
‘  Is something wrong?’ I enquired. 
‘ No not at all! I just wanted to have a little girly chat and see how you’re doing.’
Her attempt to sound ‘fun’ made me feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless I was compelled to stay and talk to her. 
‘ I’m fine. I haven't been here long enough to feel settled but in a few days I'm sure it’ll feel like I've been here for my whole life.’ 
‘ That's wonderful news, Caroline. I'm so glad you feel that way and I know that you'll be a great addition to the school. However it’s policy for me to arrange an appointment with the guidance counsellor on your behalf.’ 
This day just keeps getting better I sarcastically thought to myself. 
‘ So I arranged for your little chat to be now so you can have a break before your next class.’ 
She was acting as if this was my first time in school. Ever. I must appear so feeble to her if she thinks I'm in need of a break after only one fifty minute lesson.
‘ Thanks. Just one problem, I'm not sure where the guidance counsellor’s office is or what teacher it even is.’  
‘Don’t worry Caroline!’
I wasn't. 
‘ Her name’s Ms. Morrell and she’s located in room 21A. Oh I know, I'll write it down for you.’ She grabbed a scrap of paper and scribbled down a series of incoherent words. 
‘ Thanks so much Ms. Muarry. I'll go find her now.’
‘ No problem dear. If you ever need someone to talk to you know where to find me!’
‘Thanks again.’ I said and then awkwardly added, ‘ see you.’ 
Wow, I seriously need to work on my teacher- conversing skills I mentally noted as I shuffled out of the classroom.

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