New Beginnings

17 year old Caroline is used to being uprooted from her comfort zone and moving somewhere new. However, when her parents promise that Beacons Hills will be there last stop for awhile, she becomes hopeful that this is the new beginning that she's been longing for.


1. Part I

I jumped at the sudden and sharp rise in his voice. I glanced around to find out what Coach was yelling about. I didn’t see anything abnormal but I noticed a brown haired and brown eyed boy turn around and walk towards us.
‘Coach! What’s up?’ the mysterious boy playfully asked with a smug look on his face.
‘ Whatever you’re thinking, cut it out Stilinski!’ Coach threatened.
Ah so this is what ‘Stilinski’ was I thought to myself. Though I wondered why Coach thought this doe-eyed boy was reckless enough to have to be told to cut it out.
‘ This is Carol…’ Coach began.
‘ine’, I added.
‘Huh?’ they both said in unison while turning to look at me.
‘ Well my name’s Caroline but you said Carol and that’s why I added the ine…’ I drifted off feeling idiotic.
‘ Ah.’ They replied in unison again.
‘ Well then this is Caroline,’ he  corrected himself, ‘and she needs help finding Ms. Riordan’s room so congratulations Stilinski, you’ve got the job!’ he said sarcastically with a replica smug look. Are these two related? They seem to be thinking  the same thing and making the same faces half the time. I think I’ll ask Stilinski.
‘ Hey are you…’ I began.
‘Now I don’t know how this worked in your old school sweetheart, but when you hear that bell you get to class!’ he said and then proceeded to untuck a whistle from his T-shirt and began blowing it right in our faces. Once he stopped angrily blowing I attempted to tell him that of course it worked the same in my old school but I simply hadn’t heard the bell. However when I tried to explain he began blowing his whistle again. Taken aback I waited for him to finish once more so I could explain. When he stopped and I tried to explain again, the exact same thing happened! Angry and endless whistle blowing! What a bizarre high school this is.
‘ Tried that before and trust me it doesn't work.’ Stilinksi muttered to me.
I was so puzzled that I had no reply for him. Instead he began directing me to my classroom while glancing down at my schedule.
‘ Oh!’ I finally managed to say, ‘I know that Coach said I need to find Ms Riordan’s room but on my schedule it actually says Ms. Muarry’s, so I should probably go there.’
‘Yeah, I noticed that but don’t worry because after being here for four years, I know where that is too.’ He jokingly said.
‘ Well then lead the way Stilinski!’ I replied.
‘ Woah wait a minute!’ he declared in alarm.
‘What’s wrong? Did you remember that you don’t actually know where Ms. Muarry’s is?’ I joked back.
‘No no, I do. But that’s not my name.”
‘ Oh sorry it’s just that’s what Coach called you about three times so I just assumed but then again he called me the wrong name.’
‘ Well it is my name but no one, except Coach, calls me that. Everyone else just calls me Stiles.’
‘ Oh so you’re just fussy.’ I teased him.
‘ You, I like you. I’m gonna keep you.’ He said, looking impressed.
‘Thanks so much Stiles, it’s an honor!’ I responded with a smirk.
He raised his eyebrows in amusement and gestured towards the door. ‘ You’ll find Ms. Muarry in there but just in case, as well as not understanding bells, you also don’t know how to open the door…’ he stretched across me and pushed open the door then stepped back to allow me to enter the classroom, ‘have fun.’ He added.
‘ I’ll try my best.’ I replied and stepped inside the classroom, letting the door close behind me.

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