Violet Jane Fable

Violet Jane Fable. Normal girl by day, fantasy princess by night. She is a girl born with an imagination so powerful, it sometimes leaks into reality...


2. Just A Dream

My mum says its just a dream. My dad says its just a phase. My grandma says its a gift. My sister says I'm a ugly big fat stupid annoying embarrassing liar. I reply that it's my escape from reality.

My real name is Chloe Erica Grenald - and I hate it. Chloe is not me, it's too bland and girly. Erica sounds like it belongs to a spoilt stubborn princess. Grenald is just disgusting. I'm sorry to anyone who has that name but in my opinion it could only suit a rotten ugly muddy green troll who lives under the bridge. In my fantasy world I'm not Chloe, I'm Violet Jane Fable.

I'm my dreamland I can be anything I want. Do anything I want. I don't have to be who I am. I can be who I want to be.

By day I'm a normal school girl sick of life, by night, I'm Violet Jane fable, a princess with magic powers with many friends and NO SCHOOL.

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