Violet Jane Fable

Violet Jane Fable. Normal girl by day, fantasy princess by night. She is a girl born with an imagination so powerful, it sometimes leaks into reality...


1. Detention

School is, I think, the most boring, ordinary place on earth. It's the place with expectations and deadlines and horrid teachers. I was about to escape. I stare at the clock, waiting for the bell to strike half three. I stare at it more and more, trying to use my powers, but then I remember, I can't use them here.


It's getting close now...really close. Really close to being free again for a whole two days. Come on! I can hear the weekend calling! Miss Franco is taking ages explaining what electrons are to a bunch of idiots. Honestly, who doesn't know what electrons are?


I stare at the clock. I then stare at the teacher to wait for the 'okay, off you go!' Signal. But no. Miss Franco was staring at me. She looked slightly frustrated. "Chloe."

"Yes...?" I have no idea what's going on.

"Would you please not ignore me. You are stopping the whole class from going home. I asked you a question."


A question? How am I supposed to know what it is if I wasn't listening? I hate these kind of teachers. Especially when they do this. I'm not preventing the whole class from leaving, you are. You really expect me to know this?

"What are electrons?" She raises her voice but lowers her tone.

"Electrons?" I say innocently, hoping she would give me a clue as to what the hell they were.

"Yes. Electrons. We have been talking about them all lesson. What are electrons?"


Come on bell. Save me. Come on bell. Save...



DIIIINNNNGGGGG! The bell rings. Everyone starts to slowly move towards the door, hoping the teacher won't spot them.

"Nobody is leaving until Chloe can tell me what electrons are."

The whole class hatred of me goes from 95% to 99%. They stare at me and roll their eyes. A couple of them whisper the answer to me but I can't quite make it out. Miss.Franco quickly shushes them.


Okay think now. Think. Stop sweating like a pig and think. Electrons. Maybe the clue is in the name. Electrons. Elec... Electricity! Or is that too obvious? I don't want to sound stupid. I already look it.

"Miss. Chloe Erica Grenalds." Miss Franco knows I hate it when people call me by my full name. "If you weren't day dreaming, looking out the window or staring at the clock the whole lesson then maybe you would have gathered what electrons are."


Okay come on I have to at least make up an answer now. Okay. Let's sound sciencey and confident. Here goes...

I clear my throat and say,

"Electronic particle nano protons, or as you lower delinquents call them, electrons. Are nano size particles of electricity that fly through the air and get inside your body. These particles are harmless, however, if one gets too many inside ones self, then they can slowly you turn into a robot. Your hair will become staticky, your body will be controlled by a remote and you will frequently need oiling. The electrons can get out but only if you give them a way to get out. For example, if you swallow a miniature boat, then they can crawl in and sail their way out of your body. I advise you to do this before they get to either your voice box or your soul. That's never pretty."

There's a short pause. But it's long enough. The entire class bursts out laughing.

"Everyone can leave. Apart from Chloe. I would like to speak with you alone." She doesn't take her eyes off me for the whole sentence. Or when they all rush out the door. Miss.Franco waits till she's really close to me and then says,

"Let me see the work you have done today Miss.Grenald."

I reluctantly hand Miss Franco my exercise book. She takes it with her wrinkly veiny hand. Then she rests her spectacles on the tip of her nose and starts flicking through the pages until she stops on one. She stares at it for a while, and then says,

"Miss Grenald. I will not accept you doing nothing but drawing make believe animals in my classes."

She slams the book on her desk and kindly turns it the right way for me. The page is open on a double page spread of drawings of my mystical animal friends.

"What is that?"

"You mean who?"

"Miss Grenald I wouldn't try to get yourself in anymore trouble than you already are. Let me try that again, who is this?" Miss Franco points at one of my sketches with her long nail.


"Dragons do not have names Chloe..."

"This one does Miss Franco."

She glares at me. I glare back. I already told her too much. Can't she be happy with what secrets I've already told her?

"And what is it doing in this book? I don't recall saying to you in class, draw a dragon, a fairy and a horse in my lesson. That was not one of the tasks"

I didn't want to tell her. I'd already told her enough. Oh it doesn't matter does it? She's only a teacher. I look up and she stares at me for a few seconds, it seemed like hours.

"Detention. After school on Monday you will rewrite this page in your book and I will only let you go when it is exactly how I like it."


"Grenald! You have not done any work in this lesson, you have talked back to me and you have lied to me. Detention!"

I sigh. She hands me back my book.

"You may quickly catch your bus. But please join me on Monday or I will contact your parents again."

I make my way to the door. "Yes Miss Franco." I walk out the classroom door and shove my book in my bag.


"Yes miss?"

"The drawings may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but, how did you get them so detailed? Dare I say, you are quite the talented artist."

"Thanks Miss. Well Pablo lets me draw him often and he taught me his artistic skills, he's not named after an artist for nothing you know. Amethyst is such a poser so I draw her often too. Then pixie really helps me with the minor details so you can zoom in really close and still see the pencil lines."

Miss Franco takes a long pause and then curiously says, "Who is Pablo, Amethyst and Pixie?"

"The animals in the pictures."

And I walk out, really hoping I didn't miss my bus. And really hoping I haven't told her too much...

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