Allie Fynn has always been a Peter Pan. Ever since she was born, she's been causing trouble with her partners in crime, Parker and Beatrice. Now, she's moved to a whole new place with them to start a new life after the accident. All she wants is to be immature again, like she used to be. And the boys help her with that. But everything goes wrong when her past comes back to haunt her.


2. Nandos Fun

Harry's P.O.V

The boys and I were relaxing at Nandos. We were having a perfect day away from fame and fortune, like we were just 5 normal boys with 5 normal lives. Don't get me wrong, I love my life. But a guy has to have a normal life once in a while. The only thing that wasn't normal about us relaxing at Nandos was that the place was completely empty except for the staff. Security patrolled outside to stop anyone from getting through. I guess this is as normal as we can get.

'It's been so long since I've stepped into Nandos without getting ambushed.' Niall breathed in his burger happily. 'But I liked it better with all the people.'

I nodded. 'It's quite lonely.'

'Hey, lads, look over there.' Liam pointed towards the entrance, where Paul was talking to a tall, blonde-haired boy. He had an arm around a pretty, dark-haired girl, which made it obvious that they were a couple. They were smiling and nodding and were about to leave when someone else stepped forward.

'Guys, I think Paul's getting roasted.' Zayn said, grinning. 'Should we just sit back and relax or should we go before that girl turns him into pot-roast?'

'I don't think Paul would be really helpful if he were a pot-roast.' Louis agreed. 'I mean, sure, we could eat him. But he's a good manager.'

I stood. 'Come on.' We walked up to the doors and opened them, letting in a nice breeze. When Paul saw us walking to him, he did a face palm.

'I told you to stay in there!' He glared at us. Louis raised his hands in surrender. 'Jeez, we're sorry for coming and helping you, Paul. We didn't want you to be turned into pot-roast by that girl.'

I glanced at the feisty girl who was glaring at us all this time, and my heart stopped.

She was beautiful, with silver-blonde hair and blue eyes. One look at her and you could tell that she was a fierce girl, but she looked like she was trying to hold her laughter in, which confused me a bit. Then I guess she couldn't take it anymore, and burst out laughing.

'Oh my God, I am so sorry!' She laughed, wiping her eyes. 'But I've always wanted to do that. I wasn't really mad.'

We all looked at her, confused. 'Oh, I've always wanted to yell at a famous person.' She said.

'I'm not the famous ones, they are.' Paul said. I thought he would get mad, but her laughter was so contagious that Paul just had to smile. 'How about you yell at them now?'

'Yes, please. Women who yell at me for no absolute reason are my biggest weakness.' Niall rolled his eyes. The girl pouted at him.

'You're no fun.' She complained. 

'Well, I dropped my burger while I was running to save Paul. Who would be fun after that?' He whined.

She smiled, stuck her hand into her pocket, and pulled out a few pounds. 'Here, you can buy another burger for yourself. My treat.'

Niall grinned. 'Why don't you buy me that burger yourself?' He grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. We watched them walk towards the counter, laughing and talking about the Nandos Menu. I glanced at Paul. 'They got close fast.' 

He laughed and nodded. 'I guess Niall's always had a thing for weird girls.'

'That's what she is.' The dark-haired girl agreed. Paul eyed her and her boyfriend. Then he looked at us.

I was starting to like them. They looked like they were fun, and the silver-blonde girl had me in a trance. I gave Paul my best puppy dog eyes, and so did the rest of the boys. He sighed. 'Alright, alright. They can come in.'

Everyone cheered and entered Nandos. Paul closed the door behind us, smiling. 

'We haven't really introduced ourselves. I'm Parker Fynn, and this is my girlfriend, Beatrice Hayden.' The blonde-haired guy said. He shook hands with all of us. Except for Niall, who was still with the silver-blonde girl at the counter.

'And who's that?' I asked, pointing at her.

'That's my weird sister, Allyson Fynn.' 

Allyson Fynn. Watch out, Styles. You're getting a new crush.

We sat down at a booth and started talking. I was mostly waiting for Niall and Allyson to come back, but Parker and Beatrice - sorry, Tris. She doesn't like people calling her Beatrice - were loads of fun. They were friendly and really funny. It didn't take much time for us to bond.

Finally, Niall and Allyson walked back to us, struggling under the weight of their trays. I helped Allyson with her tray as she sat down next to me. 'Thanks.' She gasped. 'That was heavy.'

'You don't say.' I grinned. God, her eyes were beautiful. They turned different shades of blue.

We looked at each other for a second too long. Liam coughed and we looked away, blushing. 

'Burgers, anybody?' Liam asked. Everyone nodded and Liam handed them their burgers. But we didn't let something as tiny as having our mouths filled with food to stop us from talking to each other in a language only we could understand.

After we were done eating, we just sat there with our bellies full and our eyes drooping, trying to stay awake. I didn't want to stop talking but I was too sleepy. My head almost lolled onto Allie's shoulder, but I pinched myself before I could embarrass myself.

Allie yawned. 'Guys, I think we better leave.' 

Parker nodded. 'Too sleepy. Got to enjoy your birthday.'

'It's your birthday?!' We yelled. Good, we're all awake now.

Allie laughed. 'Yep. And the best birthday ever.'

'How old are you?' Liam asked.


'Wow, that's really special. I don't think you've enjoyed as much as you should.' Zayn said.

'It was great, really.' She grinned.

'We should have a party!' Louis shrieked. I laughed.

'You almost went ultra-sonic there, mate.'

He made a face at me and turned to Allie, looking really excited. 'We're free today evening. We're going to have a party at our place in honour of your birthday whether you like it or not.'

'Okay, fine. But who all are you going to invite?' Parker asked.

'Nobody. Just us is enough, right?' Niall said. Tris nodded, a huge grin on her face. 

'That would be brilliant!'

Allie groaned. 'I'm not ten years old! I'm too old to have a birthday party.'

'You know you didn't mean that.' Parker said cheekily.

'Okay, fine. I didn't. But still, I'm having a great time! I don't think we need to have a party too.'

'Shut up, buzzkill.' I said, nudging her. 'Our place. 8 PM. How's that?'

'Perfect.' Louis rubbed his palms together. 'We're going to throw you the best party ever!'

Allie laughed. 'Okay, okay. But we better leave now.'

We exchanged our phone numbers. Louis told Parker our address. It was all set. We're going to throw Allie a party.

I watched her leave, talking excitedly with Parker and Tris. Before they walked out, she looked back and waved. We waved back. Louis and Niall stuck their tongues out too, which was expected from them.

Our eyes locked, but Parker chose that exact moment to yell, 'Bye bye, birdies!' She looked away quickly. 

'Okay, lads. We've got to plan the perfect party for that charming lady.' Lou said, after they were gone.

'Can't wait.' I murmured, smiling. Her silver-blonde hair and blue eyes were still on my mind.



















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