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New School. New People. New Enemies. That's Why I'm Socially Awkward. Take a peek on my first day of school. // Copyright xstay_a_secretx


2. Seniors ♡ 2 ♡ Winked




     "It's probably Harry," Madison rolled her eyes as she went back to her locker. My back leaned against the locker as I fiddled with my phone, desperately trying to ignore the squeals of the girls. "Oh look. Have you watched Cat Vomits On Donkey on Youtube? It's HILARIOUS." I said, passing the phone to Madison.

     The squeals just kept getting louder. I can see why. Harry Styles is passing through. I put down my phone and stared at him. He is perfect. But I can't let him know.

    He caught me staring and he winked at me and walked away. Madison noticed and nudged me, "Oh My god he totally likes you." she shrieked. "No he doesn't. He's got something in his eye." I rolled my eyes and turned back to my locker. 

     "I'm Alexis by the way."  I said. "So you're the victim of the Diamonds?" she asked. 

"I'm Sorry... The What?" 

"The Diamonds! The Queens Of School!" she said.

Jeez. Next time, just say rip off of the Plastics. "What? No." I confirmed. "Please. I saw everything." she smirked, I pushed up my glasses and dusted off my pink polo buttoned up t-shirt.

     "You need to change your style. It's horrendous." she covered her mouth and laugh. "Excuse me?" I said and lifted an eye brow. She stopped laughing and said. "Let's just exchange numbers. I'll notify you when I'm free, so we can change..." her eyes scanned up and down. "All... that." I told her my phone number and she told me hers.

     "So what's your major?" I asked. "Math." she replied, touching up her mascara. "Me too!" I said but she looked at me in disgust. "What?"

     "Step one about College, don't be so cheerful."


     "So where is Math Class?"  I asked, ruffling through my locker, desperately trying to find a notebook that hasn't already been DOODLED on. "It's next to the HUGE notice board. You won't miss that." .

     I nodded and we proceeded to class. On the way, I could already start to picture the size of the notice board. There were people crowding around it, buzzing with excitement. 
    "What're they so excited about?" I questioned. 

     "It's the yearly thing again..."

     "What... Prom?"





"It's the Girlfriend Applications." she sighed. 

"What is that?" I said, continuing the way to class.

     "It's this charity thing," she said, I could hear her voice starting to tense up. "Every year, the Applications will open, for girls. Not just any normal girl, girls who are hot, sexy, perfect. They compete with each other to win the first prize - a date with Harry Styles.

      "So Harry Styles's a player?" I asked. "No, no." she denied. "This whole thing was the school's idea. For every girl that joins, they need to pay two hundred dollars. Go get the image?"

    "The school?!" I half yelled. "What kind of school does that?" . "Well, they all know Harry's the most popular kid in school..."

   "So?!" I shrieked.

    "Every year, the school enters the charity contest. Our school competes with other colleges to see who donates the most to charity. People say GA is illegal." 

    I took a left turn into class. "Look." she said and paused. "Do you want to join it?" 

   I paused. I laughed. "SURE!" said sarcastically. "Like Harry is EVER going to pick me."

     "Well, he winked at you."

    "He's got something in his eye!" I yelled and walked quickly to class, leaving her behind. "You know the winner gets a scholarship for the rest of college, right?!" he yelled behind me as I ignored her.


    Finally school was OVER (thank god) and I took a cab home. I opened the door to hear my parents fighting as usual. 

    "Well maybe you should have ignored her in the FIRST PLACE!" Mom yelled. "Well if you don't believe me then I'm leaving!"


    This has gone on for many months. I didn't expect it to shatter all at once. "Mom?!" I cried, placing down my stuff on the dining table. I heard footsteps down the stairs. "Dad?" I whispered-shouted, tears brimming in my eyes.

    I ran over to hug him, and planted a kiss on my forehead. 

    "I have to go," he said and went out the door. I heard crying coming from the kitchen as I walked towards it. "Sophie?" I muttered. There was shattered glass on the ground. Sophie's leg was bleeding.

    "What happened?" I asked. "M-mom happened. She threw the p-plates at d-dad." "Come here," I said as I gave her a weak smile, opening her arms, signalling for her to hug me. She started sobbing on to my arms. "Let's get you cleaned up, alright?" I said and led her upstairs. 

     I took out my box of medications and applied some to her leg. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. It was moom. "Honey I need to talk to you." she said, walking over and sitting on the bed, "Dad's leaving, means I have no money to support your college fees. I'm afraid you need to drop out."

    'WHAT?!" I yelled. "Today was my FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!"

    "Once this month's up, you need to drop out." she sighed, standing up. "Sorry Alexis." she said and left the room.

    This means one thing.

    I'm Entering the Competition.




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