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New School. New People. New Enemies. That's Why I'm Socially Awkward. Take a peek on my first day of school. // Copyright xstay_a_secretx


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"Fitting In"


     New School. New People. New Enemies. That's why I'm Socially Awkward. Take a peek on my first day of school.

    The bell resounded in the air, waking the half-asleep pupils walking down the hall. I clutched my English textbook in one hang and my phone in the other, Making my way through the pupils, I finally got to English class with Mr. Kings. I hadn't met him before, so I'm quite nervous of what he thinks of me.

    I pushed open the classroom door as the smell of acne cream filled my nostrils. It was just like my old school, only cooler, and more modern.

    The birds tweeted as if they were greeting me. There were two spots left, behind a nerdy dude and in front of the hottest guy I've ever seen in my LIFE.

   Sitting in front of him was the worst mistake ever. I felt my heart beating as I placed my text book on the table. I mouthed a 'hi' at him and he gave me a forced smile.

     Suddenly, a girl who was wearing designer clothes sashayed in front of me. "Ahem, sweetie you're in my seat." she sneered. "I don't see your name on it," I sassed back, giving her a sassy smile. 

    "Fine," she smirked and pushed my stuff off the table, including my phone. "Oops," she pouted. I wanted to smack the lipgloss and her ten layers of makeup off the face. Instead, I said, "Oh don't worry about it." and bent down to pick it up.

     I should've known my panties were showing. She took out her phone and snapped a photo of it. Everyone in class snickered as I quickly stood up to pull up my jeans.

     "Oops." she poued again. She walked behind me and planted a cheek on his cheeks, making sure to make eye contact with me.

     "Move," she ordered the girl behind him and she quickly ran away and she took a seat there. Suddenly, I felt someone tap my back.

     "I'm Harry." he smiled. Fuck, I can feel myself melting. "Don't worry about Chelsea. She's always making trouble." he said. "You can say that again," I sighed and turned back to the front. "By the way, nice underwear." he said, making my cheeks flush.

    "At least I wear them." I smirked, turning to the back and tilted my head. He chuckled and that made me want to fucking kiss him. I turned back and mentally slapped my face.

     Mr. Kings entered the room. Apperently, he comes late to every class. He was wearing an old brown tuxedo that looks like it hadn;t been washed since the 1990s. He's hair was ruffled like he just woke up from the dead.

     "Good day class. today, I am Mr.Kings and today... wait, what are we doing a again? Oh right, we are learning... English."

    What the fuck? I shook it off (See what I did there) and opened my textbook.

    Class went on as usual, but I could smell the stench of Chelsea's perfume drifting by. It was so strong that it made me want to throw up in my mouth.

     I quickly ran out of my class - and if I can - wash out all of the perfume in my nose.  Too bad the 'Chelsea Group' confronted me.

      "What?" I sighed. 

      The group consisted of four girls, all of them looked identical because all of them wore a metric ton of makeup. "Hi!" one of them yelped. Jazzing her hands. "My name is Averly!". Chelsea nudged her. "We don't likeher?" Averly whispered-shouted. "No, moron." Chelsea sneered. 

    "Um, I can HEAR you," I said. "Just stay away from Harry and you'll be okay. Coprendo?" I sassed and snapped her finger in the air. She flipped around and her hair hair slapped my face.

     Ugh. It tasted like cheap soap. DISGUSTING. I walked to my locker and tried to open it. But only thing is - it wouldn't budge. I tried kicking, pushing, pulling.

     Suddenly, a girl came up to me. She wore a white chiffon dress. Her dirty blonde hair was tied up in a white flower hairband, and her hair draped over her shoulders.

    "Um..." she muttered. "That's MY locker.". "Oh," I said. letting go of the locker and shifting to the right. "I'm um. Madison." she muttered. Suddenly, a group of girls started squealing. 

    "He's coming! He's coming!" . God! My ears.


Author's Note :) Please Read? :)

Hey Guys <3 Thanks so much for clicking on this story you have NO idea how much it means to me. BTW, a very SPECIAL shout out to mad123 and CindyLoukCindy for commenting! Yep JUST for commenting. I LOVE reading your feedback. 

So this story is going to be VERY VERY different from other fan fictions. I'm not going to spoil the story so I'm going to continue the second chapter TODAY! :)

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This is the list of characters SO FAR. I've already made up the rest of the story but I still have not named some of the characters.


Harry Styles





Also sorry for leaving you on a cliffhanger although you might already know who it is ahah.





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