Tea Party

Reading you will jump in to a position you haven't been in before one so light but horrific. Your question will be simple after reading my first person story, is this a nightmare?


1. Tea Party

             "NO!" ... You slowly open your eyes blinking *blink*...Again *blink* "what the hell?" You feel dazed "When did I fall asleep?!" "Where am I?!" You look in front of you even though you vision is still a bit blurred, every thing around you as you turn your head side to side is a deep black. You try to move your hands and feet but feel them bound you look down, your sitting in a fancy chair panted a clear white with not a spot on it It looked as though it was   made in France.  "What?" your hands are tied together with rope and your feet where tied to the legs of the fancy chair you tilt your head up again there it was a fancy table all around it where none matching chairs filled by stuffed animals and dressy dolls. Across from you though, there was another fancy white chair matching yours it was empty. You focused your gaze to the glass surface of the the table everything was clean, spotless. The table was set like it was for a little girls tea party, their where tea cup's all around one for you and each child's toy even one for the empty chair they look as if they where "China glass?" white with a blue floral pattern and golden rims the tea plates the the same stainless silverware in the middle of the table where stacked round silver trays all filled with little baked goods. On the side of the trays was a tea pot same pattern as the tea cup's and a sugar cube box made of red oak wood. You couldn't remember anything, well you had the basic knowledge but you didn't even remember your own name.  Now you thought about it, "I don't remember anything anything about myself..." Steps started to be audible *click* *clack* *click* *clack*  you turned you head side to side trying to see who was. "HEY!" You yelled "HELP!" Suddenly turning your head back to the right you saw it, two deep Sapphire eyes staring at you just a inch away. You jumped "the fuck!?" "Hi there!" it was an obvious female voice, she suddenly flicked her left wrist reviling a Swiss army knife blade and giving you a huge grin. screwing your eyes shut expecting death you felt nothing except your hands freed, she had cut off the rope that bound them. Carefully she made her way over to the empty chair seating herself, "I don't think it's vary proper to have a tea party with no hands." the girl smiled, she was around seventeen to eighteen you guessed. You took the chance to observe her while she stayed silent allowing you to, she had midnight black hair that stretched down near her ankles,fair skin,and wore a long puffy white dress that looked as if it was for little girls dress up. 'This is odd...' you thought usually if you intensely stare at someone they would be offended, but she showed no sigh's offense just a calm stare. "Where am I?" "Who am I?" ... So many questions went though your head and you wanted answers. "Hush!" "Let me pour you tea before you go on." She said her face grew serious but she soon gave you a smile again. You where a bit frightened, she reached for the china glass tea pot poring a dark red liquid in your cup then pouring some for herself and for all the children toys. You weren't sure wether or not to trust the food or 'tea'. The girl moved along happily grabbing at two what looked like crumpets and chatting with the toys. She soon turned to you with cheerful eyes "so..." You cut her off "why in hell's name am I here?" "Woe their potty mouth!" She giggled " I was speaking." "Go ahead eat and drink" she took a sip of her 'tea' giving you a Cheshire grin as she fell silent. Your hands where still shaky as you picked up the tea cup staring in to liquid, it wasn't hot not even warm. Your brows furrowed, but you soon shrugged it off. Tilting the golden rim of the tea cup to your lips, you felt a thick liquid slid down your throat and a foul stench hit your nose 'blood...' your eyes started to water as tears ran down your cheeks, your throat felt as if it had closed up. You let the tea cup still filled with what you now knew was blood fall to the table from your trembling finger tips, everything was now in your eyes slow motion as your left hand came up to cover your mouth. You where now hunched over in the chair with your left hand still covering your mouth and the right over your forehead, your breath was heavy as you tried to say or think something but it was useless all you could do was tremble. The girl's grin grew and grew, her sapphire eyes filled with excitement. She slammed her hand's down on the table, "Well!" "Aren't you the little shit!"  She screamed, "Your upsetting the other guest's!" raising her fist's up you placed your hands in front of your head instinctively. Hearing the sound of glass shatter you opened your eyes the girl was gone the stuffed animals had been decapitated and black stuff oozed from their stuffed bodies. You screamed uncontrollably in till the black around you turned to white and you saw nothing. The last words you heard where, 'your going to hell...'




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