Just you and Me <3

Not telling till you read xD


1. New school New life.

Hello My name is Autumn Starwood I just moved here From L.A. i Now live with my Mother And Older Brother.here In Australia Becauese Of my Older sister's Murrder. Her Name was Molly She Died Last year She was Only 19.... I still Have the Bad Dream of her Getting Murrdered From that robber. It was all MY Falt she Died. I am 16 and i hve Lilac Hair And A LipRing. *~Skipps to First day at school*~ I wake up to the sound of My Mom yelling at me to get up. I Get up and head for the Shower i Turn on The water and Jumpped in Forgeting to Check if it was warm Enough i Screamed FUCK THATS COLD! i finally get out of the Shower and Dry my Hair. Its Only 7:10 Wow I Sighed. I Curled my hair ever so Slightly and Put on my "Normal People Scare Me" Crop top And My Black riped Skinny Jeans. I move to Make-up i Put on some Light Brown eye Shadow and Had Thick Winged EyeLiner. I then put on my LipBam and Stopped to take in My sexyness (WTF? XD Im to Weird) I then Put on My Galexy Convers and Ran down stairs to Eat. Mom what did you make? i said Oh im sorry Autumn i have to Work She said as she walked over and Kissed My foreHead. Oh... Bye mom i Guess. She walked off. DYLAN YOU STILL HERE?!? i yelled up stairs. Thare was No anwser I guess.... I walked out the Dooor. I walked a Block till i Got to My Bus Stop i seen 5 Boys in a tree making fun of other kids. i walked up and Everything was Silent Untill A tall boy with Red Hair Jumped Down. Well Well Well We have ourselfs a new girl he chuckled. i Just ignored him. He started talking again. Hey My name is Mikey he Said. I spun around Hello My name is Autumn I Said in Great Emotion.

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