The Painted Dream Girl

When Zayn began dreaming about a certain girl. And brings out his artistic side and began drawing and painting her. What would happen when he actually found her in the local coffee shop downtown?

1. ONE

  Lately, I've been dreaming. Not just some general dream. A dream where I met this beautiful, stunning, most perfect girl ever. I know I sound all cliché but it's true. Every single night I see her. One night at the park. The next night in the bakery. And it goes on and on.

  I get the feeling that she's real. Like real life. A real human being. But there is no way on Earth I could ever find her.


  - I walked up the steps of gigantic staircase inside a tower. At the top of the steps stood the girl of my dream. Long, majestic dirty blond hair and bright grey eyes. Everything about her flawless. Face, body, name it all. But there is something I don't know about her. It's her name.

  As I reached the top stair where the girl stood in front of me. I opened my mouth and said, "What's your name?" She remains silence. "Why do always appear in my dreams?" I asked gently. The girl still didn't say anything. Instead, she turned around and walked into the room across the staircase, closing the door behind her. I walked after her and opened the door. The room was empty. Nothing. Besides the neatly arranged furniture, the room was empty. There was no sign of the girl. As if she disappeared. Maybe she- -


  I opened my tired eyes and immediately closed them again because of the bright sun light that's peeking through my curtains. Seconds later I reopening them as I adjust to the light. Looking aside, my phone rang loud and clear an annoying ring tone causing me to groan and answer the call. "Hello?" I spoke. "Zayn! Where are you? You're late for art class!" My best mate, Louis, screams into the phone. "What?!" I jumped out of bed. "You heard me correctly. Now get your butt over here fast because I'm running out of excuses to say to the teacher!" And with that, the line went dead.

  I hurry out of bed and got dress. I decided to skip breakfast because who has time to make a decent breakfast when you're late for class already. I took my keys, phone, wallet, notebook, and pencil and head out the door. Remembering to lock it behind me. Then drove to school. Well, art school.

  Opening the door of the classroom, everyone's attention was now on me. "Mr. Malik. Mind explaining you're late for class for the third time in a row?" Ms. Benson, the art instructor, asked. "Um. Family emergency" I lied. "Alright. Go take a seat" She said as I went and sat at the table with my best friends, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall.

  "What's up with you being late all of a sudden?" Harry whispered across from me as the teacher began her lesson. "I don't know man. I started having this dream about this girl. That fact that I don't even know her at all. But I get the feeling she's real." I replied. "Ok. Class. You're now going to draw a realistic portrait of anyone you want. Got it?" Ms. Benson announced. Everyone nodded and got out their material.

  I opened my notebook and took out my perfectly sharpened pencil and began sketching.


  An hour later an I finished my artwork. "My. my. Who's this pretty lady you've drawn Zayn?" The teacher asked looking around the room think its someone in the room. "The girl of my dreams" I stared at my notebook. "Is she here in this class?" I shook my head. "Do you know her?" Ms. Benson examined the picture. "I wish"

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