The school killer

young Isabell and her two best friends Tyler and Diana were at there school with Kevin Cain and Riley doing research at school. But what happens when a black out happens and there locked in the school? will they all survive? find out in this tale about there journey.


1. 5 year anniversary

five years ago today  Amsterdam high was celebrating a death that had happened. To Isabell it didn't matter it happened years ago. her and her friends where in the library studing for a test. They had all sat at the same table  " I cant believe its been five years" "ugh don't talk about it" Isabell groaned. She hated when people talked about it because her mother happened to die because of it. Isabell stood up her blonde hair with candy apple green highlights laying against her back her deep sea blue eyes scanning the book shelves. Her friend Tyler looked at her, her  hazel  eyes looked at a book on the shelve. Diana her grey eyes looked at the fire when Cain came in followed by Riley and Kevin. Cain's brown eyes stared at Tyler who rolled her eyes. Isabell sighed when she saw them. Riley went up to her playing with her hair. Isabell pulled away in disgust, and walked away. "where's the librarian" asked Kevin his light green eyes looked around the run-downed library. "I don't know" Tyler shouted waiting to get in trouble but didn't. Riley looked at the ground green-gray eyes looked around trying to find something. Isabell's phone rang which made them all jump. "guys its going to rain" Isabell whined "calm down babe" Riley said, Isabell looked at him disgusted then went back to her book. "for the last time im not you babe nor will I ever be " said Isabell walking off. Isabell sat next to Tyler showing her the book. "looks interesting" Tyler said taking the book from Isabell.

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