Dangerous Love

Minni Silver, heiress to the kingdom is trained by her father on how to fight and kill. With no one knowing about this but just them two. She fights to protect herself and her home. One rainy night, with an upturn of events, her parents end up throwing a ball. Minni has to welcome everyone and protect for intruders without getting caught. Later on, she walks up to the room on the last floor and ends up meeting someone who she can't fight off. And he, the one who wants to destroy everything she wants to protect. Will her slowly growing attachment to his mischievous behavior stop everything she plans to do? Or will she end up breaking face to continue on ?

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Listen to the song if you want!! I really enjoy these types of songs and I will upload more if you guys want. Enjoy the new opening of this book!! :)



                                                                                                  Chapter 1 

            “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."  - Mother Teresa



         3 am. Training begins. The sun hiding from the darkness that consumes the night still. Chilly air filled with moist from the upcoming dew. I position myself in place in the middle of the schools’ woods. The night heightens the animals predatory senses. Lifting mine up to par. Training ever since i was young, I’m now used to the silence of the whispering voices of the wind blowing by. The cricket’s song continues to play until it is once again silenced by the intruding presence. My vision controlled by the blindfold put over on me making me rely on my other senses. The air vibrates right above my hair, whistling. I squat down in my wool leggings. I bring down my knives hidden underneath my sleeves. A swords rings down nearly cutting off my ear. I jump up and over the enemy and bring down my knife. A hand reaches out and snatches my shoulder, slamming me unto the ground. My breath hitched and I stopped moving. I stumble to get up but the sword reaches down to the napping of my neck and , -




“Yeah, yeah, more practice?” I ask breathing in the moist dirt. The man above pulls me up by my collar standing me up on my feet.


“No more now, you have class soon.” And right on key the bell rings for 5 am. I curse under my breath and breathe out.


I slide my knives back up into my boots now, “ Class is boring, I’d rather stay out here and practice fighting.” punching the air in front of me.


“Minni.” Father says sternly.


I looked over my shoulder, “I got it, princess needs her education. Ofcourse she does.”


“Good you understand. Now get a move on. You have two hours to get ready.” he turns around and walks in front, leaving me behind. “Make sure you don’t get caught,” “especially with your mother, I don’t want her to find out I’m teaching our heiress how to kill and fight to protect our kingdom.


“Don’t worry I like this. I wouldn’t want to risk about the only thing that I really enjoy now would I ?”  I say truthfully. The tint of pink comes into view and I turn around facing my father.


“Minni-” Father stops.


“Don’t, I’ll be going now.”


I lift my heavy hood over my face, blocking my face from onlookers, just in case. I move through the trees silently on my toes. The chilly air caresses my warm skin like the warmth from a sunlights ray. I smile. I look on in front of me and the courtyard to our palace comes into view. I sprint faster towards my room. I lift open the window sill and hop over into my room, gracefully settling on the ground.


I look over to my bed that is now currently occupied by my cat, Luna. I reach over and pet her softly and she stretches out and jumps over to the chair next over, licking her paw.


“Morning to you too.” I walk over to my mirror and stare. NOthing changes. My red hair loosely falling around my face, contouring my face slenderly. Gray eyes from my grandmother, passed down to me skipping over my mother. So full of hope and life, shining against my light complexion, with a touch of a flush upon my cheeks.


“6:30 my dear, are you ready?” my maid says.


I banged my knee on the dresser and curse under my breath.


“Yeah I’ll be right out!” I say clutching my knee.


I slip off my garments and jump into my shower of cold rain. I shiver from the cold touching the warmth of my skin. I jump out and slam the door closed. Drying myself, I slip on my already set out uniform. Black mid-thigh wool knit dress and combat boots for winter semester. I pin the gold brooch that set our statuses in the school. Mine being the highest level there. I bring my hair up into a tight bun and spray rose water over my neck.


“I’m leaving!” I shout out.


No answer. The usual. I lift up my arm and pull my bag over my shoulder. I run out into the yard and head straight for the carriage. I open the door, squeaking its way open. I pull myself into and set myself onto the seat.


“Go on.” I remark.

The carriage rattles on heading towards the private school of Jesus Christ and his followers.



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