Double-Headed Blade

Cassie McKenna is engaged to Marc Robinson, head of the über-popular Kensworth Labs by day and vigilante superhero Hammerhead by night. But when Marc doesn't return after a night of fighting crime, Cassie soon finds her life falling apart in her hands. (For the #MovellasFantasyWeek picture prompt.)

1. One

     "You Shook Me All Night Long" blared from the interior of a mustard-yellow '69 Camaro as it pulled up to the sidewalk, tires screeching. The driver's -side window rolled down to reveal a well-tanned young man, flashing a heavenly bright, toothy grin. "Cassie, babe!" he said, flicking up his sunglasses to better admire the girl standing on the curb.

     "Hey, Marc!" she giggled, her short pink dress bouncing as she made her way to the passenger side of the car. Her long, manicured nails clicked sharply on the handle. "How was your day?"

     "Absolutely horrible! I got, like, zero things done. And everyone was doing what they were supposed to; I didn't get to yell at anyone!" He pulled away from the curb sharply, veering around wayward trash cans and children alike.

     "That's too bad, sweetie."

     "Yeah, hopefully, I'll get to let out some of this anger tonight." His horn barked at a few passing geese instinctively as he sped by a pond.

     "You're going out tonight? Should I make dinner early?" She looked over at him worriedly, a slight line creasing her made-up face.

     "Yeah. You do that."

• • •

     A healthy aroma of chicken wandered into the living room. "I think this needs more salt next time."

     "You're totally right, honey. I'll make sure to add lots! Are you done with your plate?"

     "Yeah." Marc stood up. "I'd better get going. You wash the plates."

     "Good luck, sweetie! Fight lots of evil!" She leaned over the table and pecked him on the cheek.

     "Don't worry, it's nothing big tonight. Same old, same old." He strode out the door as Cassie ran to the window to watch him turn the corner, then spun into a chair and waited.

     The moon chased the sun out of the sky as she sat and dozed off, as per her usual. However, she wasn't awoken by Marc's usual slamming open the front door but instead slept undisturbed into the night. When she awoke the next morning, she was alone.

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