Glad to say Goodbye

I am that girl that would sit in the back and not talk, I am the girl that teachers would rather talk to then any other student and sometimes teachers, but I am also that girl who fights for things she believes in and I am that girl that everyone purposely shuns for what I was and for who I am, I am Paige


3. Rest

okay side note Paige and Clay are 21  Jude is 2 Paige was moving from parents to grandma to brother then back and forth working any job possible)

I pull over to a hotel and I was heading west and Jude is asleep and I rub my face and I have no clue where I am and I take a breath and I get out. I pick Jude up and he is sleeping and I go in the hotel and they look at me and I say hi um I don't have a reservation but where am I exactly I have been driving for a while and she says Kansas and I say oh wow and she says do you need a room and I say no no its okay and she says come with me and I say no its okay. I say can I just use the bathroom and she nods and shows me and I say thank you and Jude woke up and he says mommy and I am washing my face to wake up and I say hi buddy and he says where are we and I say mommy just had to take a break from driving and he says I'm hungry and I say I know I will find a place for us to get something to eat and I put him down and I say why don't you go potty okay and he nods and goes into the stall. I look at my phone and I left at like noon and its now two in the morning and he comes out and I pick him and he washes his hands and I say what do you want to do buddy and he yawns and says mommy I'm hungry and I nod and I say okay why don't we go get something to eat and then we can stay here okay and he nods and I walk out and I go up to the front desk and I say hi is there any vending machines or anything and she nods and I say also could have that room and she nods. She leads me to the vending machine and says my boss probably won't like this but and she gives me the room key and I look at her and she says my mom tried everything when she was your age and we lived on the streets it will be okay you need to rest and I say oh no its okay and I reach in my pocket and she says no no no its just one night and I nod and she says its on me and I say thank you and I get something for Jude to eat and drink and I go out to the car and get the bag and I come back in and go to the room and go right to sleep.


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