Glad to say Goodbye

I am that girl that would sit in the back and not talk, I am the girl that teachers would rather talk to then any other student and sometimes teachers, but I am also that girl who fights for things she believes in and I am that girl that everyone purposely shuns for what I was and for who I am, I am Paige


5. Help

We have been in tis apartment for about a month its August now and I am making breakfast and Jude is dancing in the chair and I laugh and we are listening to music and I laugh and I say bubs sit down and he sits down and I put some eggs on a plate for him. There is a buzz and Jude goes to get up and I say ah no sit down and he sighs and I say I know stranger danger is such a dumb safety rule and he smiles and eats and I walk over and I say hello and they say its Harry and Jude drops his fork and yells HARRY and I say Jude and he runs over and says let him in mommy and I say Jude and he climbs up and buzzes him in and I look at him and he runs back over to his seat. I say you are so lucky yo-and there is a knock on the door and I go over and open it. Harry says hi and he walks in and walks over to Jude and gives him something and says thanks for letting me in and I say how do you know where I live and he says I loaned you my relator do you really think and I say alright alright and he laughs.

I say well we are leaving in like ten minutes and Jude says what and I say mommy has an interview remember buddy and he sighs and Harry says I can watch him and I say no its okay you have done enough helping me. Jude looks at Harry and I say hey eat your eggs and he laughs and Harry says its okay really I'm not doing anything today and I say can I actually pay you this time for your help and he says mmm with a date and I say uh no and he says I mean it was going to be at the aquarium but if and Jude stands up and says yes. I am cleaning the dishes and Jude says please mommy and climbs down and walks over and says mommy please and he hugs my leg and yells PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE and I say fine and they both say yes and I grab Harry and I walk to the hallway and I say okay so he can't have dairy or meat or peanuts and he is allergic to cats too and he says so what am I supposed to do and I say just he will decide I don't know how long I will be gone so just and he says I'm twenty five you know I know how to take care of a child and I say do you and he says yes and I say okay okay. I go to my room to change.

Harry POV: I say so Jude what are we going to do today and he says can we get a puppy and I say a puppy I don't know if mommy would like that very much and he pouts and says plleeeeeeease and I say I don't know. Paige comes out and says okay so I don't know how long I will be gone and I nod and she says okay and she kisses Judes cheek and says love you and pats my back and says see ya and I laugh and I say see ya and she leaves. Jude says just a little one mommy likes little puppy and I say Jude and he says please Harry and I say what if we can't go to the aquarium and he says I no have a daddy and I look at him and he pouts and a single tear runs down his face and I say what and he says please and I say you are the most manipulative two year I have met god help me and he smiles and we leave

*three hours later* Paige POV: I walk into the apartment and Jude is sleeping on the couch and he is alone and I set my bag down and I pick him up and I mumble why do you smell like wet dog. I carry him to his room and I lay him down and I come back out and I stop and I say what what is this and Harry says well its not a puppy its a dog um Jude named her Sandy and I look at him and he says well he thinks he named her but that was her name before I and I say you got him a dog. He says he was holding me at gun point and I look at him and he says okay he said he didn't have a dad and I say what and I sit down and he says he said he didn't have a dad and I couldn't say no after that. I cover my face and he says hey did you get the job though and I say ye-yeah my two years in community college for business paid off and he says yeah and I nod and I say I work at a hospital dealing with files and everything and he nods and I say and it has insurance that's the main thing because of the stuff Jude and I have to take and he says well that's good and I nod. He says hey I'm sure he doesn't even realize what he was saying he probably just heard someone else say it you know kids and I say yeah and he say sit will be fine and I nod.

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