Glad to say Goodbye

I am that girl that would sit in the back and not talk, I am the girl that teachers would rather talk to then any other student and sometimes teachers, but I am also that girl who fights for things she believes in and I am that girl that everyone purposely shuns for what I was and for who I am, I am Paige


4. Finally

Its three days later and I get to California and the first thing we do is I pull up to a beach that is pretty empty and I pick Jude up and he says where are we and I say home buddy and I put him down and he runs to the sand. I stand there and he yells mommy and I say just a second buddy and I take a breath and I look at my phone and he yells moooommmmmmyyy and I laugh and I put my phone in my pocket and I run over to him and I pick him up and he laughs and I say do you like it here and he says its warm and I nod and he lays his head on my shoulder and says do you like it and I nod and I say yeah I do buddy.I go to the car and I grab the blanket in the car and some left over food from our trip and we sit down and he says where is paw paw and he sits in my lap and I say he isn't going to be staying with us we are on our own bubs and I kiss his cheek and he eats

We are sitting there and a ball rolls over and he gasps and says mommy uncle Jordan and I stand up and I pick up the ball and I say no uncle Jordan isn't here either. They run over and say sorry about that and I say no its okay and he says have I seen you before and I laugh and I say no and Jude walks over and I pick him up. He says hi whats your name and he says Jude and he says hi Jude my name is Harry who is with you and he says mommy and he looks at me and I nod and he says oh do you know where you are from and Jude says um paw paw sayed Ohio and I nod and he says oh did you come in a plane and Jude says no mommy drived and I nod. He says really isn't Ohio like and I say yeah we had to get away though so here we are and he nods and says well have you ever been here and I say no and he says well and he takes Judes hand and says if mummy gets lost have her call me okay and Jude nods and he walks away and he says he had a funny voice and I say Jude and he says look mommy and he shows me his hand and I say I know. He says I like Harry and I say yeah and he nods and he says looks like the pictures and I say in my old room and he nods and I say that's because he is and he gasps and I laugh and I say you are so dramatic.

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