You Destroyed Me, I'll Destroy You

"If you don't let me ignore you then I have no choice but make your life a living hell, Luke"

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8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Ariana's POV

"Come on, you don't have to deal with this" Sarah said. She probably saw me staring at Luke.

I just nodded and followed her till I realized that I will actually have to deal with him sooner or latter and that is something that I didn't want to.

"Ari, are you okay?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, just thinking"

We continued to walk to the classroom where we found Kayla.  

"ARIIIII!!!" She yelled as soon as she saw me. "Oh my god you're here! Oh I missed you so much, I mean we hanged out and everything but this is different, you're actually here at our school! Oh my god, I'm so happy!" She said really fast pulling me into a hug, typical of Kayla.

"I'm happy too, I had to finish my senior year where I started my freshman" I said giggling.

Then Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton entered through the door. Great.

"They're in our class?" I asked Kayla and Sarah and they nodded.

"This is going to be a long year."

Luke's POV (finally)

As soon as I entered that door I knew hell was about to start.

The only good thing about school starting was that every year, new girls come to this school, rather they're freshman or senior, so I'll just make a move and they'll fall for me, the usual.

Then I saw this girl with ombré hair who turned around to my direction just when I looked at her. Woah why haven't I seen her before? I mean, maybe I saw her before. Maybe she's one of my one night stands.

But let me tell you she's hot.

"Dude who's that?" I asked Calum.

"I don't even know, but I wouldn't mind fucking her" Calum said with a smirk.

"Find another one, I saw her first" I said walking to the girl. She was talking with Sarah and Kayla, I think? Yeah I think that's their names.

"Hey" I said and then she turned her attention to me.

"Luke Hemmings." She simply said.

"Whoah already heard about me?" I said playfully with a smirk.

"Wow you will never change, will you?" She said and now I got confused, wait do I know this girl or not?

"Wait do I know you from somewhere outside school?"

"You're unbelievable" She said and seated in her chair.

I followed her to her seat "Just answer me"

"Let's say that unfortunately, I will always be related to you" She said and now I couldn't be more confused.

A/N: Hi guys, so Luke doesn't remember Ariana and she wishes she didn't remember him, things are getting better ;)

Btw sorry if you don't understand something in the fanfic, I'm portuguese so... xx

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