You Destroyed Me, I'll Destroy You

"If you don't let me ignore you then I have no choice but make your life a living hell, Luke"

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7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6


2 years latter


Ariana's POV


"Are you sure about this?" My mom asked and to be honest, I wasn't. I didn't want to come back to my old school after all that happened but I sure wanted to hang out with Kayla and Sarah more often.


After everything that happened, realising what an ass he was, changing schools, the baby being born... It was too much to held in less than two years. But I changed, I'm a different person now, I've grown. I'm more like an independent woman. I have my hair dyed ombré (thank god it's not red anymore), but I think I'm gonna dye it dark brown soon.


I'm a mother, or I was. I gave my baby to adoption. I just couldn't held this thing of being a mom at 16. I have my whole life ahead, and a baby would stop me from living it. I would have to give up on college and everything and I wouldn't be able to be a real mom, not now.


My parents were so upset when I told them, they freaked out but then supported me, which I didn't expected. At least they know now that I'm not an angel, right? I don't know, my mind is still messed up.


"Yes, I'm sure. I wanna come back to my old school." I said more sure of what I'm doing.


"You know you could continue on the other school"


"No mom, I started freshman year in this highschool and I'm gonna end it in here" I said leaving my house and going to my car.


I drove to my old-new highschool where I would start my senior year in minutes.


When I got there, I got out of the car, still not wanting to face people but hoping they wouldn't recognize or remember me.


As soon as I entered the school gates I saw Sarah, she was waiting for me like I asked her for.




"Oh hey," she replied. "how are you?"


"Doing fine and you?"


"Yeah, I'm fine... I missed you, even though we hanged out but it wasn't the same thing"


"Aw I missed you too" I said pulling her into a hug.


"Now let's go, we have a senior year to start"


As we entered those doors I could recognize the "social groups" of the school: freshmans, internet famous, musicians, athletes, cheerleaders, nerds and others.


I then saw the people I didn't want to see: populars, bad boys, players, whatever. They were the last people I wanted to see, because there he was, Luke Hemmings, making out with a girl that he probably met 10 minutes ago.


2 years and he's still the same. Wow some things will never change.

A/N: Sorry, I took ages to update and it's short but I felt like it had to end in there, don't hate me xx

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