You Destroyed Me, I'll Destroy You

"If you don't let me ignore you then I have no choice but make your life a living hell, Luke"

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6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Ariana's POV


No. This can't be happening. I can't deal with this. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant and Luke is the father and he doesn't even know and probably doesn't even care. How could he do this to me? I thought he liked me, but he just got me pregnant and then left me because the only thing he wanted was sex. How could I be so stupid? I have to meet the girls now.

I got out of the bathroom and went to my room to pick a jacket and a purse, then I went downstairs.


"Happy New Year! Oh you missed the countdown!" My mom said.

"Erm doesn't matter, I'm here now but I'm thinking about going to that party now so..."

"Oh okay, well don't come home late"

"I won't, bye" I said leaving the house and going to my car. I then texted Kayla.

To: Kayla 💁😘

Hey I'm on my way to the party, I have something to tell you two

Seconds later I got a text from her.

From: Kayla 💁😘

Hey I think you shoudn't come

To: Kayla 💁😘


From: Kayla 💁😘

Luke's here

To: Kayla 💁😘

Now I'm sure I'm going, he's gonna hear me

From: Kayla 💁😘

What do you mean by that?

To: Kayla 💁😘

I'm pregnant and he's the father, that's what I mean

From: Kayla 💁😘

OH MY GOD that little piece of shit, but what are you gonna do about the baby?

I didn't even thought about that, I was so angry at Luke and how stupid I was that I didn't thought about that... I Mean after all I have a baby's life inside me, my baby. Oh my god...

To: Kayla 💁😘

I didn't even thought about that, but I guess I'm gonna have this baby

I'm not gonna abort, after all it's my baby and I'm gonna have it, then we'll see.

Kayla: 💁😘

Wow I admire you

I put my phone back at my purse and drive to the party.

Once I got to the party I try to find Kayla and Sarah there but they're in no place to be seen. I look around again and I see someone that seems Kayla, I manage to get there but a guy gets on my way.

"Well hi there" He says with a smirk and I can tell he's either drunk or an ass, or both.

"Well bye there" I say and try to get away from him but he grabs my wrist.

"Not so fast princess" He says as he places his lips in my neck.

"Get away from me perv" I yell and then I see someone passing by with a red cup, it's obviously alchool but I don't care, I take it from the person's hand and throw at his face. "Don't mess with me again"

Once I got rid of him I went to Kayla.

"Erm hi"

"Ari! Oh my god I'm so sorry about this thing, it's all that dickhead's fault"

"Don't, I'll do fine... I think. Hey do you know where he is?"

" I saw him in the kitchen w-"

"Okay, thank you" I said going to the kitchen. I heard her yell something else but I ignored it and continued my way to the kitchen.

As soon as I got to the kitchen I saw a bunch of people getting drunk. I wanted to join them so I could forget this mess but then I remembered that I'm pregnant. This really sucks and I have a long wait till I have this baby.

Finally I saw a tall blond guy: Luke. He's back was facing me.

I tried to get to him but then I saw that he was actually with a girl. She was taller than me, had long brown hair and green eyes, bigger boobs and butt and was wearing a dark blue short dress with this huge neckline (bitch).

Then of a sudden they started making out. Oh my god. Now I'm mad, really mad.

I tapped on his shoulder.

"What?" He said as he turned around with an annoyed look.

I slapped him and took, once again, a red cup from someone's hand, throw at his face and finally get out of there.

I can't believe him. I don't deserve this.

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