You Destroyed Me, I'll Destroy You

"If you don't let me ignore you then I have no choice but make your life a living hell, Luke"

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3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Ariana's POV


It was friday, the day of Ashton's party, the day that I was waiting for since Luke asked me about that party, the day I might loose my virginity.


I was at Kayla's getting ready for the party.


"Do I really have to come to this party?" Sarah said with an annoyed tone.


"Yes, you have. Come on it'll be fun and it took me ages to convence my parents to let me go." I answered.


"Yeah I still don't believe that Mr. Mrs. Grande letted you go to this party" Kayla said with a laugh.


"Don't laugh at me, I had to promiss them that it would be no alchool at this party and that I would only stay till 2 am." My parents are too over protective, you know? I still don't believe that they letted me dye my hair red. They think I'm a good girl, witch it's true and at the same time not true. I mean, yeah I get high grades and stuff, but I'm not the angel they think I am.


"Oh god and they believed you?"


"What can I say? I'm a great actress" I said with a giggle.


"Hey if I have to go to this stupid party at least I want to get drunk and go home only at six in the morning"


"Hey my parents are out this weekend so you can tell your parents that you sleep here, Ari." Kayla said.


"That's a great idea"


"And you Miss drunk, can sleep here too so you won't do stupid things when you'll try to reach your house alone" Kayla told Sarah.


"What? I never do stupid things when I'm drunk"


"OH NO. You just called the cops last time saying that your dog needed a donut like the one from Simpsons and when they said that it wasn't funny and they would find you, you started singing 'Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass" I said with no sarcasm, at all.


"And they never found me, idiots" Sarah said with a laugh.


"Ok, let's get ready for this party" I said.


2 hours after, we were completely ready for the party. I was wearing this black crop top, high waisted skinny jeans and black high heels, I curled my hair in the ends and putted on some marcara and eyeliner, Sarah was wearing her hair in a messy bun, with a white crop top, high waisted black shorts, combat boots, eyeliner and red lipstick, and Kayla was wearing a short floral skirt with a black tank top and high heels with mascara and some lipstick.


"I got ready in like half and hour and you two took 2 hours, like seriously?"


"You already had choose your outif, I brough 3 outifs to choose and then I had to curl my hair and the makeup thing and Kayla had to choose her outif too and..." I made a pause to think "Don't judge us!"


Sarah just laugh and soon we headed to the party. As soon as we got there we heard loud noise. People dancing, talking, making out, getting drunk, normal stuff at a party. I found Luke chating with Calum and a girl, which I assume was with Calum.




"Hey you came" Luke said.


"I told you I would come"


"Wanna go grab something to drink?"


"Sure" I said and we headed to the kitchen to grab some drinks.  


He gave me the red cup and leaded to my ear. "Did I told you that you look really hot with those high waisted jeans? I mean sorry but I can't stop looking at your butt". He said in my ear. I just gigled at his comment. Soon he leaded me to a room where people were playing truth or dare.


"Wanna play?" He asked me.


"Yeah" I answered and we headed to the circle of people.


A guy rolled the bottle of beer and it stopped in front of this blond girl.


"Thruth or Dare?" He asked.


"Dare" she answered.


"Okay, seven minutes in heaven with me"


"Let's go" she said and after 7 minutes they came back. The girl didn't have lipstick anymore and the guy had bites on his neck.  


The girl rolled the bottle and it stopped on... Me.


"Truth or dare?"






"Anyone has to choose it, right?"


"Okay, sooooooo, who was the person that you lost your virginity with?" Shit, I can't tell I'm a virgin, I guess I have to lie.


"I don't really remember his name." I lied.


"You don't?"


"You know it was a one night stand, he told me his name and everything but I forgot it" I said and I think I got away with it.  


It was my time to roll the bottle and it stopped on a guy, then the game randomly continued.


"I'm tired of this game, can we go get shots?" I asked in Luke's ear. He nodded and he held my hand leading me back to the kitchen.


"Let's make a deal, if I drink more shots than you I can take you upstairs" Luke said with a smirk.


"And what if it's the opposite?" I asked with the same smirk as him.


"If you win you're the one that takes me upstairs"


"Isn't it the same thing?"  


"I'm sure it's not" He said still smirking. Whoever wins, one thing is certain. I won't be a virgin anymore in the end of the night.      

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