You Destroyed Me, I'll Destroy You

"If you don't let me ignore you then I have no choice but make your life a living hell, Luke"

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2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


One Week Later


Ariana's POV


I still can't believe that Luke went talk to me. I thought I was invisible to him, I thought he never noticed me but the words he said were so sweet, I'm so lucky he asked me out.


"Ariana? Ariana? ARIANA!? HEY SLUT!"


"Hey don't call me slut"


"It was the only way to stop your thinking about Luke" Sarah, one of my best friends said.


"Sorry, sorry but it's just that he maybe can be the one, you know, the one I lose my virginity with"


"Oh honey, it's just your virginity, once you lose it, it's gone forever"


"I know, that's why I want it to be special"


"Oh god, you think to much Ariana"


"You say that because you already lost yours"


"Ugh yeah, and I didn't make it a big deal"


"Whatever, the only thing I know is that I want Luke to be my first"


There was an awkward silence after I said that which is weird because that never happens.


"Hey what time is it?" I asked her.


"4 pm"


"Oh shit, I told Luke I would meet him after school. Sorry, gotta go. Love ya" I said as I walked away from Sarah.


I was was about to walk out of school when I saw Kayla, my other best friend.


"Hey where you're going that fast?" She said to me.


"I'm going to meet Luke"


"Oh lucky you, he's so hot, but be careful, you know he doesn't have the best reputation"


"Stop with that, it's just rumors, he's not like that, he's kind" I said and walked away from her.


Luke is not like that, he's not a player or something like that, he's sweet and he likes me, I know he does, even thought that we only started talking a week ago.


I walked away from the school gates and finally saw Luke. He waved at me and I went to him.


"Hey beautiful"


"Hi" I said, the butterflies comming again.


He wrapped his hand with mine and we started walking.


"So I was thinking..." He started.


"You were thinking...?" I said with a small smile.


"You know my friend Ashton, right?"


"The one with the messy brown hair? Yeah I think I know him"


"Well, he's having a party this weekend on his house, you wanna come?"


"Sure, can I bring friends over?"


"Yeah, that would be cool"


"Okay, I'm going to text Sarah and Kayla" I said grabbing my phone out of my pocket, but Luke took it away from me.


"Hey give me my phone"


"Only if you kiss me" He teased.


How could I reject a kiss from Luke Hemmings?


Seconds later our lips were connecting. His lips were soft, I didn't want that kiss to end.

A/N: Hi, what do you think so far? I can only tell you a thing, that party is going to change Ariana forever xx

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