More then a fan

What happens when two fan girls go to a 5 seconds of summer concert and are the last to leave but not exactly the last ones..

4. 4

Chapter 4

"Can you not. Like, why? How? My feels right now." Katy said in a rush as we walked out the door and towards the bus stop. Since neither of us had a car, and my Mum was at work, we had to catch a bus to the city.

"Well, we don't have to go meet them you know. . ." I chuckled.

Katy looked at me skeptically, "Are you kidding? I cannot miss this opportunity to have some one on one time with Cal. Okay? This is a once in a life time kids thing! This doesn't just happen all the time to girls like us, ok? So, we're going."

The bus arrived after five minutes and took less than twenty to arrive in the heart of the city. I felt really nervous. . . And scared again. The tiniest part of me just wanted to run home and hide in my bed. But, no. I'm seeing Ashton! Again!

"The Malls Balls." Katy said aloud as the balls came into view. The balls were huge. About three or four metres high and were a very shiny silver. They were also very famous around Adelaide. "Now we just have to wait."

We sat down on a bench which faced the balls and decided to play "I Spy" while we waited.

"Wifey!" someone yelled. I looked at Katy as we heard the voice again. "Skylar" I faced forward and saw four guys walking towards us.

"Crap." I mumbled.

"Shush!" Katy hissed as we stood up. She walked over towards the guys and gave them all a hug once she reached them. I walked over slowly and was breasted by Ashton first.

"My wife!" he said as he gave me a tight hug. I laughed quietly as I returned his hug.

"Hi guys." I said to the three others before receiving hugs from them too.

We were standing in a circle and didn't know what to say. So Michael broke the silence, "Where to? You girls are our official tour guides!"

I looked at Katy before we both said, "Food?"

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