Love up in the Stars

One girl named Emma Black moves schools to Seamoor high school in Seamoor. Having a bad past she doesn't speak for a whole day.She meets 2 friends Tracy Seaman and Jaymie Leen. She meets her new crush Brandon Hart and the mean girl Ella Valley. Can she survie high school with Ella and can she get Brandon?


2. Science in and Secret out


I am getting ready for school, then I hear the door bell. My mum gets the door and came into my room and told me thats Jaymie and Tracy are in the living room. I went down and Tracy ask me "do you want to walk with Jaymie and me to school." I said yes. We started to walk then out of the house 2 houses away from me we saw Ella coming out of there, then Jaymie whispers to me "put your hoodie up and keep on walking." "Why," I ask. "She is so mean to us even if we are 50-50 popular and we get along with a lot of popular people," answered Tracy. We started walking, then ended up running and I bumped into someone and it was Brandon and he said "Hi what you doing" and Jaymie answered "Where trying to hide from Ella." "Well she is gone she just got into the car" said Brandon. We took our hoodies off and started talking and Tracy ask me "Why don't you speak Emma and why don't you go to science." I said "I was nerves on the first day and don't tell anyone but.... I have a fear of science because it brings back memories of the past. I was used to test out different and dangerous things to do with science under my own will. Before I moved here my parents found out and called the cops on them and they get wrested for it and threatened to kill me because they thought I called the cops and I said wouldn't do that." I looked at the ground and 

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