Love up in the Stars

One girl named Emma Black moves schools to Seamoor high school in Seamoor. Having a bad past she doesn't speak for a whole day.She meets 2 friends Tracy Seaman and Jaymie Leen. She meets her new crush Brandon Hart and the mean girl Ella Valley. Can she survie high school with Ella and can she get Brandon?


1. First year of high school


I am Driving all the way to Seamoor with my parents, then my mum ask me "Emma are you excited to go to your new school". I said nothing. "It was for your own good. You should be thankful even know you left your friends", my dad added. We finally got there and we got to the house we bought and its right next to the school and my first day of school was today. I unpacked quickly and then got dressed in the school uniform my mum bought for me, packed my bag, then raced to get some lunch and ran to school. While I was walking to the office people stered at me, smiled,waves and also smerked. I got there and the principal was waiting for me with 2 kids, a boy and a girl, that looked the same age 13 so they also must be in grade 7. "Hi I'm principal Carford and these are Tracy Seaman and Jaymie Leen", the principal said "Hi we are going take care of you and show you around the place",said Tracy. Jaymie said "Hi, will also tell you who is who". I stoud there and said nothing. They gave me a list of what class are when and i saw science wasn't on there.Tracy and Jaymie showed me theres and they had science. My parents must of told the principal what happened. Where science should been it said come to the office. After all my class everyone went to science I went to the office. The thing she want to talk to me about is why I don't have science. The bell went i grabed my bag then walk into a boy. He was so cutie. He had pretty blue eyes, flowy blodise brown hair. Walk home all i could think about is him.


I'm going to be late for school. My mum called me down for breakfast when I finshed breakfast I said bye and ran to school I was on time and i saw my friends in a bunch calling me over. We started talking until Jack said "Wooh, boys look at the new girl". We all looked. She must been Emma the new kid she was more beutieful than I thought she was. The bell went and we all went to class. At lunch we were at table 1 and Tracy and Jaymie were at table 4. Billy called Tracy and Jaymie over to our table. We talk and laught it was so much fun even know we were already friends with them. I ask them who he new kid is and Jaymie said "That was Emma see moved here from Melbourn but we do't know why". After math we all went to science but Emma went to the office I don't know why. While walking to the science room Ella Vally walked up to me and started to flirt with me. Everyone knows that she has big crush on me. After the bell went I went to get my bag, then I bang into someone and it was Emma. Her hair is gold as hair can get, her brown eyes sparkle in the light. She is so pretty up close driving home all i could think of is her.

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