A Dream To Remember

"How could you? I trusted you! My friends told me not to trust you and I wanted to prove them wrong. it turns out that they were right and I can't even go talk to them ever again because I chose you over them!!" she yelled. "Who said that I wanted your trust?" he yelled back. "I thought you wanted my trust because I told you my deepest darkest secrets and you used them against me and now look where we are!" she confessed. "I-I didn't know that you felt like that." his voice softened. "Well, it's too late for that." she told.

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2. Chapter 2

“I’m back.” He announced. “Okay.” She quietly responded. “So, why are you here? Not trying to sound rude or anything. Just curious.” He asked. “I broke up with him.” She bawled. “Shh…it’s okay. I’m here. Okay?” he reassured. She only nodded and continued to cry in his arms. “He didn’t deserve you. You can do so much better then that douche.” He cooed while trying to get his anger under control. Why can’t I stop overreacting when I think of her ex-boyfriend? God, she’s going to figure it out if I keep acting like this. “Who’s going to figure out what?” she inquired. “Oh um…a girl that I really  like for quite a while now.” he answered. “Oh.” She croaked. She looked down embarrassed that she thought that he could like her but he actually likes some perfect girl with a beautiful smile and is confident in her own skinny body. The only reason why she dated her now ex-boyfriend was because he looked sort of like Luke. And that’s why she always go after guys who are tall with deep ocean blue eyes and a blonde quaff which an lip piercing. Basically, any guy with blonde hair and a piercing and who is taller than she is.


“Are you okay?” “Huh? Yeah. I’m fine.” She sniffled and keeping her eyes locked on the floor. “Are you sure because it seems like you were going to cry when I said-oh shit! Is that why you’re upset now? Is it because of me mentioning someone, isn’t it? God, I’m such a mess up!!” he rambled getting himself worked up. “No, it’s not because of that it’s because of something else.” She reassured while her voice grew quieter with each word. “Oh.” Now it was his turn to look down in embarrassment. “I’m sorry.” He apologized. “Why do you need to apologize? You did nothing wrong.” She asked. “It’s because I should be focusing on you and trying to make you feel better. But, I’m just siting here rambling on and on about pointless things that shouldn’t matter right now.” He huffed out. “It’s okay. We could use a little distraction sometimes. Or in this case, a big distraction because of how tall you are.” She giggled. “Oh and you’re the little distraction.” He cracked. At this point they’re getting closer to each other without realizing. “Oh, you didn’t just go there.” She replied sassily. “Oh, yes I did.” He responded even more sassily. “Oh god!! Hahahahahaha” she laughed with her hands clutched to her stomach. She was laughing at how funny he looked while doing that finger-snapping super hilarious pose and finishing with a hand on the hip. “Hold on, I need to go find my phone real quick. Just stay right there and don’t move.” She told while wiping some invisible tears. “Okay. Stay just like that.” She ordered while starting to laugh again. “Annnnd….” *Click* “Got it.” “Look at yourself!!” she said while holding her phone out so he can see it.


“Okay, guys! The cookies are done!!” Mrs. Hemmings yelled. “Okay mom. We’ll be here in a minute.” He told her. “Oh god! Please don’t post that online.” He pleaded. “Why don’t you want it online?” she asked. “It’s embarrassing.” He said rubbing his neck in hopes that she doesn’t post it. “Too bad. It’s all over Instagram and Twitter.” She proclaimed. “Noooooo!!!!” he complained. “Too late.” She laughed while getting up to go into the kitchen for cookies. He followed her into the kitchen. “Hmmm.... these are so good mom.” Luke praised. “Thank you and don’t finish them all. You have to save some for your brothers and your dad as well.” “Okay.” He groaned and rolled his eyes in the process. “Oh my god! These are really good Mrs. Hemmings.” She praised as well. “Please, I’ve mentioned it before. Call me Sandra.” “Sorry Mrs.-…Liz.” Luke cleared his throat. “Okay, let’s go upstairs.” Luke hinted. “Okay.” She agreed.  

    “So, what was so important up here?” she jokily asked. “Oh, this.” He pointed at his new penguin phone case that he collected from a place that sells everything like penguin phone cases. “Really? You wanted to show me that you added a new penguin phone case into your collection of penguin obsession.” She laughed. “Yup. Isn’t it cool though?” he asked. “Yeah, very cool.” She sarcastically agreed. He just playfully stuck out his tongue. And suddenly he jumped at her and started tickling her. “S-s-stop i-i-it.” She demanded while laughing her head off. “Nope.” He replied in between giggles. 

“Okay. Fine. I’ll stop, if you promise me something.” He declared. “Okay. What is it?” “Well, I want you to promise me that no matter what happens between us, that we’ll be friends forever. Promise?” “I promise.” She smiled. “Good. Now you’re free!!” he announced. “Yay!!” she exclaimed. “Okay. So, what now?” she asked. “I don’t know. Maybe play video games?” “Okay. Let’s play um…Black Ops?” she questioned. “Sure.”

               *Gun sounds*
              *People dying* 
              *Aiding others*

"Ugh...I'm not good at this!" she said while throwing down the controller and giving up. "Okay. I guess we could take a break from your awfulness." Luke humorously said. "Hey, that's not nice." she pouted. "Yes, it is." he grinned. "Ugh..you're so mean to me." she stuck out her tongue. "You love me and you know it." he proudly stated. "Yes, I do." she agreed. "Good." he smiled. They just stared at each other for a while until... "I think I should go home. My mom must be worrying about me." she explained breaking the eye contact. "Yeah...okay. I'll walk you home." Luke suggested. "That's okay. I drove my car here." "Oh, okay. Well, see you sometime this week? I mean it is Calum's birthday next week." Luke asked. "Yeah. What do you need my help with?" she pondered. "I just help with the planning and that kind of stuff. I'll text you, okay?" "Okay. I'll just go now." she said making it awkward for the both of them. 


"Okay. Bye!" Luke waved. "Bye!" she waved back. And he shut the door thinking what went wrong. 




Hey, guys. I decided to update in honor of Calum's birthday. (His birthday is  either today (for some of you) or tomorrow (for the rest of you including me)). I can't believe he's turning 19!! But I'm still proud of him and the rest of the boys :) 

Oh, by the way, I'm listening to Avril Lavigne. You guys should go listen to her (if you want to). 

I hope you guys like this story. More to come next Friday! Yay!



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