Don't let go... (ashton imagine)

Autumn was separated from her twin brother Calum at the age of 10. They where really close before their parents broke up and each took one child. Autumn moved with their mom to London, while Calum stayed with their father in Sydney. The two of them where heartbroken. Autumn was abused by her mom and boyfriend.
What will happen when The two of them meet again?
Will Calum's friends be close with Autumn?
What will she think of Ashton? Read to find out!


8. telling him the truth

Calum's POV:


I slammed her door open and ran inside as fast as i could. She was having a nightmare. She had tears in her eyes.

"I have Calum and dad!" She muttered while moving constantly

I walked next to her and hold her. I rubbed her hand to calm her down.

"Yes they do! You're alone! Not me!" She shouted while moving constantly.

I wonder what she was dreaming about.. She had tears in her eyes.

"I can't do this anymore.." I muttered.

I know for a fact that waking someone up while they're having a nightmare is dangerous, but i had to do this. I held her and started shaking her awake. Suddenly i saw those brown eyes open. I quickly hugged her as she was panting.


Autumn's POV:


I opened my eyes to see Calum hugging me. Thank God it was just a dream.

"Auts.. Can i ask you a question... What's happening..?" He asked me.


"Well. I was having a nightmare of you and dad getting killed by mom... And she started abusing me again.." I muttered


"AGAIN?! What do you mean again?!" He shouted


"After me and mom moved to London, she started abusing me and punching me..." I said and lifted my shirt up to show the bruise in my stomach.

He gasped as he saw it. He hugged me tight and i cried into his shirt. He calmed me down...




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