Don't let go... (ashton imagine)

Autumn was separated from her twin brother Calum at the age of 10. They where really close before their parents broke up and each took one child. Autumn moved with their mom to London, while Calum stayed with their father in Sydney. The two of them where heartbroken. Autumn was abused by her mom and boyfriend.
What will happen when The two of them meet again?
Will Calum's friends be close with Autumn?
What will she think of Ashton? Read to find out!


14. Sat. 14th, Valentines Day

Calum's POV:

"Where is Autumn?" I heard Ashton ask me

"She hurt her leg or something so i had to take her to the nurse." I answered worriedly.

The past two lessons i've been stressing over her.

It was the last lesson and i hadn't heard anything about her. It was totally stressing me out. 

As the bell rang i stormed out of the class and to the nurses office. She told me that she had gone to the hospital! I ran to the hospital. 

I checked everywhere but she wasn't there. I was breathing really heavily. I had waited in the hospital for 3 solid hours.

I decided to finally drive home. 

After i opened the front door, i ran straight to her door. It was locked so i knew she was in there. I banged the door as hard as i could but the lock was just too secure.

"Autumn! Amswer me! Are you there!? Are you ok?!" I almost screamed.

It was no use. Her door was sound proof. I just laid down next to the door crying. I was so scared. She meant everything to me. I couldn't lose her. And dad was on a 3week work trip. After an hour of crying, i finally fell asleep...


I opened my eyes. I was in bed. What?! Suddenly i remembered what had happened last night. AUTUMN! I sat up on the bed as fast as i could. I was in Autumn's room. I saw her sleeping next to me.

"AUTUMN!" I screamed crying into her neck while hugging her.

Her eyes shot open.

"Calum are you ok? I found you sleep-crying outside my door in the middle of the night, and i had to literally drag you here.." She said worriedly but with a small giggle.

"I was worried sick about you!" I said angrily

"Oh yeah.. I urm... Forgot about that..." She said

She explained me everything that happened. 

"You're so clumsy." I said while laughing and kissing her cheek.

"Well sorry." She said sarcastically.

The rest of the morning was spent by making waffles and watching stupid kid shows and making fun of them. It was great. I liked times like these with her. No worries in the world...


Autumn's POV:

I was having such a great time with my bro. Suddenly i got a text from ashton:

Ash: Hi! U ok ? Calum told me about your knee. It sounded quite bad..?

Me: yeah it's ok. Got some stiches tho 

Ash:that doesent sound ok to me

Me: trust me, it's okay

Ash: i trust you

Aww wow...

Ash: so anyways... I was hoping that you'd like to go out with me tonight..?

It was valentines day. Did he mean a date?

Me: like on a date?

Ash: only if you want to..*hopeful face*

Aawww hes so cuute.

Me:I'd love to☺️!


Me: so where r we going?

Ash: i'mma not tell u yet

Me:oh come ooon. What am i supposed to wear?

Ash: wear something nice, but not too fancy☺️

Me: okay. What time?

Ash: i'll be picking you up in 3h

Me: okay, can't wait

Ash: me neither

I then shut my phone and ran to my room to get ready. Ashton is so cute...


"So... You got any plans for today?" i heard Calum ask

"Umm... Yeah..." i answered shakily

​"So... watch doing then...?" he asked interested

"Going out with a friend..." i answered 

I was scared that he'd get to know about me and Ashton going out on a date..

"With who? You have friends here in Sydney?!" he asked not believing me. 

And i must say, at this point i was just having the 'Fuck it i'll just tell him' moment, but i then just ran into my room and locked it. Good job Autumn. Way to fix it. Urghh. I could hear him shouting my name and calling after me, but i decided to just ignore him. That's always my solution to these kinds of moments. I still had two hours until the date, so i just decided to take a fresh shower. As i showered i could hear his apologies, and i must say, he sounded sad. Awwh... I wanted to just go and hug him, but i decided not to. After the shower i brushed my teeth, dried my hair, changed, put on makeup, etc. So my outfit ended up looking like this:

(I had to put on heels because he's hella' tall XD) After that i put on some deodorant and my candy floss perfume. I looked into the mirror and i must say, i looked quite good. I hopped onto my kingsized bed and put my phone to charge. I scrolled on my phone and saw that i got a message from an unknown number. It said:

"I know where you live know. Did you actually think that i wouldn't find you you bitch?!"

Oh my god. Was this Jack?! My ex-boyfriend that i hated. 

I shook the thoughts away and spoke to myself quietly so no-one could hear:

"Okay Autumn Anabelle Hood. He's just trying to scare you. He doesn't really know where you are. Just calm down, enjoy valentines day..."


Ashton was now going to pick me up any minute. I was lucky that Calum was sleeping, so i could leave without him asking about where i was going. I left a sticky-note on the front door (of coarse inside) saying: 

"Sorry for running up, but i went out with my friends. I'll be home before midnight. Love you! ~Autumn"

I grabbed my bag and keys and sat on the sofa. I waited for five minutes until i heard a knock on the door. Luckily our doorbell was broke, because it would've woken up the now sleeping Calum. I quickly got up taking one more glance at the mirror and taking a deep breath. I opened the door to see a smiling Ashton. he had a nice outfit showing up his muscularity.

"Hi Autumn.. Urmm.. Happy valentines day." Hi said while handing me beautiful baby-pink roses.

"Thank you Ashton." i said while hugging him tightly and breathing in his wonderful scent. I quickly took the flowers into my room and put them into a vase with water and hurried down making sure not to wake up Calum.

I walked hand in hand into Ashton's car. He opened the door for me. Awww. I sat down and he shut the door for me. I laughed as he quickly walked to the drivers seat. 


"So... Where are we going this time?" i asked gazing at his perfect face.

"You'll see." he said smirking and looking straight ahead.

I laughed and leant to the window. The sun would set in less than an hour probably. I felt the car stop.

I looked outside, and we were in a park. There was a lake and everything.  

We walked hands locked toward the lake. There was no one around.

"Oh my god..." i managed to mutter in awe of the beautiful scene. There was a small dinner table set with food. There where beautiful lights set. There was even music playing. I looked into his eyes. 

"You like it?" He asked seriously with a small smile.

"I love it! Thanks Ashton. It's beautiful." i said and hugged him tight. 

We stayed like that for a about 10seconds. Then he helped me sit down on my chair, and sat himself onto his. 

The food was the best i've ever eaten, and the music was great. When we had finished our food, he asked me to dance. I of course agreed. 

Slow music was playing, and we were dancing prom style. It was amazing. I stared into his eyes, and he stared into mine. It was magical. And he was such a good dancer. I laughed in my head to the fact that he told me he couldn't dance on that coffee date. my hands where around his neck, and his hands were on my hips. 

"You know... you're beautiful..." He said in a low voice

That beautiful voice. I blushed and hugged him still slowly dancing.


After we had danced for a while, we walked towards the shore. the sun was about to set. as we walked to the shore i noticed that there was a pedalling swan! it had 2 seats. Me and Ashton hopped in. We pedaled on the lake talking about the most ridiculous things ever, and chasing real swans (we didn't harm them). We stopped pedaling in the middle of the lake. He took my hand and stared at me.

"Let's watch the sun set." he said in the silence

We silently watched the sun set. The beautiful paint like colors where in the sky. It was the most beautiful sunset that i had ever seen. After the sun went down we continued chatting and pedaling till the stars and moon where out. He stopped and looked at me. 

"Autumn.. I know that we've only known each other for little while... But will you be my girlfriend?" Ashton asked nervously

"I'd love to!" i said

Finally he asked me! suddenly our faces where really close. His eyes gazed at my eyes, and then my lips. Then the next thing i knew, was that his lips were on mine. Our kiss lasted for only a couple of seconds, but it was our first kiss for gods sake. I felt sparks. We pedalled back, and he drove me home. I thanked him for the awesome date, and i walked to the door. I was about to open it, but then he turned me around and kissed me passionately for a good minute. Then we ended it in a tight hug. I breathed in his scent. He is amazing. I knew that i was falling bad for him. When he got in the car i waved goodbye and stepped in. Only to see a really pissed off Calum...


"Were you out on a date with Ashton?! And why where the 2 of you kissing?! You could've just told me!" he argued

I hated it when Calum was angry. He kind of scared me. My eyes where glossy.

"This is exactly why i didn't tell you." i said as a tear escaped my eye.

Calum sighed and hugged me.

"Autumn. You need to know that you can tell me anything and everything. I love you. You're my sister for god's sake."

I silently cried in the hug. 

"I love you too." i said and smiled

"Now. Are you and Ashton dating?" He asked and winked 

i laughed at his face and nodded.

"Since today." i replied

"I trust him for you. He's a good guy." Calum said with a smile.

"thank you." i said


The night ended with Calum and me sleep cuddling again. I love my bro. 

"G'night Auts." Calum tiredly muttered

"G'night Cal." i said before drifting off to sleep...


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