Don't let go... (ashton imagine)

Autumn was separated from her twin brother Calum at the age of 10. They where really close before their parents broke up and each took one child. Autumn moved with their mom to London, while Calum stayed with their father in Sydney. The two of them where heartbroken. Autumn was abused by her mom and boyfriend.
What will happen when The two of them meet again?
Will Calum's friends be close with Autumn?
What will she think of Ashton? Read to find out!


16. is it really him?


Autumn's POV:

About 10mins after Ashton had left, i heard Calum close the front door. I was in the shower.

I heard steps coming upstairs as is showered. I was almost done with showering. Suddenly i heard Calum coming into the bathroom. I quickly covered myself with a towel and squeezed the water out of my hair. 

"Auts. Why was Ashton's beanie downstairs?" Cal asked

"He gave it to me when we were hanging out." I said

"Oh.. Okay." he said and left.

I dried my hair and got ready for bed. 

This night, i slept without Calum. I don't know why, but he didn't want to sleep with me. It made me feel kind of sad. I 


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