The Little Monster Experiment

Emma Lynn is a ghotic emo nerd. She was the type to keep to herself the majority of the time. All her years middle school she has been bullied by a popular girl known as Yolinda Gonzalez. High School is near and the one thing that still linger in her mind is...will she still be tyrannized by Yolinda?


3. Lunch

      I smiled approaching the lunch room. Beyond those glass doors was my friend Addison. I didn't have much friends but I was glad I had time to spend with them. The adults at the school are never around when I'm with them because none of them had my classes so they assume I'm coy.
      Addison is a blonde with freckle's and really skinny. She's a pale hipster who listens to rap on certain occasions. She not like other people but that's what I like most about her. She's goofy and has a dorky huge smile when she is happy. Her normal smile is super cute. I have to admit she has perfect white teeth as well.
      I wonder around the cafeteria trying to find her. Sadly I didn't seen her anywhere. It's not like we had a mandatory routine but I was looking forward to forty minutes of a slight bit of happiness. I didn't like eating lunch at the school so I went walking to the spill out area where students will just sit around with friends chatting or enjoying food they brought from outside of school. I bought a pack of Scooby snacks from the vending machine. Turning away back to the cafeteria I heard my name being called out before feeling weight on my back.
      I almost fell face down but caught myself. "I missed you!" She giggled.I automatically knew who it was."I was looking for you. Where were you?" I asked.Addison got off and grab my hand. "I was getting more weed." She whispered. "I don't want to run out you know. Hey, speaking of that, let's go get blazed." We ran out the gate while she still was holding my hand and headed to our secret spot. "Is it laced?" I inquired. "Who cares if it is? Weed is weed." she shrugged. I shouldn't complain because it's free. However, that logic doesn't seem right.
      I lit up anyways enjoying how my lips fit perfectly around the joint. I'm happier when I am high. All my problems are gone and I just live in the moment. No more worrying about what Yolinda, Cristina, or Kayla is going to do next. I have my friend right now, good weed, and a beautiful sunny day to accompany me. Addison leaned against a wall in front of me. We passed the joint back and forth sharing. People rarely take the back streets. It's Addison favorite place to smoke. I guess it just because it's a safe place not to get caught. Who know what her parents will do if she gets caught? I can imagine what my parent will do. Send me far way from people I know.
      We chatted about our plans for the summer. She planned on going out of state to visit family. It sucks that I won't have her around for the summer but I can deal with it. I plan on staying home this summer. I won't have much to do but I hope my friend Mya would be around. She stays a few blocks from my house so we can see each other when ever we want. Maybe I will take Mr.Lee up on his advice. That will definitely shock him.
      I started to get the munches. The Scooby snacks didn't satisfy my hunger so we walked to the store. On our way there we joked a lot and laughed to pass the time. I treated her to what ever she wanted at the store to show my appreciation. We ate our snacks on the way back to school chatting. I hugged her when we reached the gate and we went our separate ways. The smell of the weed was intoxicating so I decided to spray myself with perfume before entering my eighth period class.

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