The Little Monster Experiment

Emma Lynn is a ghotic emo nerd. She was the type to keep to herself the majority of the time. All her years middle school she has been bullied by a popular girl known as Yolinda Gonzalez. High School is near and the one thing that still linger in her mind is...will she still be tyrannized by Yolinda?


4. Detention

        After seating through sixth and eighth period tedious lectures I was looking forward to detention. Hopefully we would do something productive rather then seating on our ass all day. I seriously doubt it so I shouldn't keep my hopes up for it. Detention was located on the far left end of the school and no student couldn't be late. Being a minute late lead to two more detentions given. The last thing I needed was three consecutive detentions during my first offense. I ran in the direction of the abandon building where detention is taken upstairs. By the time I ran up the stairs I was out of breath. Well there goes my work out for the year. When I finally caught a bit of air I looked up to see the door in the middle of the hallway on the right side open.

    The interior of the building was much worst then I excepted. The one light in the hall flickered giving the building a hunted look. While I continue to walk the smell of urine took over with a metallic smell. My throat tightening at the thick dust lingering through the air. I couldn't believe I got myself into this. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut? The hallway seem much longer then it appeared to be. There where holes in the wall and graffiti every where. The huge cobwebs increased my fear. I hugged my arms around my waist in fear of what might come next.
      I approached the room with caution as to not bring attention to myself. Placing my back towards the wall I leaned forward to get a view of the class before entering. I immediately noticed the lady seating down in a seat in the back end of the room behind a small rectangular desk. She was place in the perfect position to see anyone walk in the class as well as every student seating. She looked as if she could be in the freshmen class due to her height and young appearance. Her blue blouse seemed to be silk and wrapped perfectly around her breast. From my view I already knew her blouse was tight enough to show off her curves. Her breast was average, looking at them made me proud to have my boobs and I secretly thanked her underneath my breath. 
     The room was painted a dark blue color and had neon posters with positive messages written on them. Such as "You are not a failure. You're future will be as bright as you.". Judging from the students in the room I'm guess the lady wasn't so key on looking into their records.  The room looked nothing like the rest on the building. The walls didn't have any damage done to it. If it did then it had been fix, there were no cobwebs and everyone was chatting with smiles. The atmosphere look ten times more inviting then the hallway I was currently standing in. 
      "Hello ms with her head peaking in. Do you have detention?" A small friendly voice asked. The lady was now standing in front of her desk. She couldn't be more then 5'2 but her heels gave her a few inches. "Yes." I answered in a low voice. "I'm sorry, you would have to speak up. I didn't catch that." She responded. "Yes." I repeated in a normal tone voice while stepping in. A few seconds later the last bell rung. "You're lucky. Have a seat so we can begin." She pointed to a seat on the far end of the classroom and I couldn't be more relieved. It's the only place I felt comfortable in. She then waited for me to get seated and begun her introduction.
         "Hello students. For those of you who don't know me I am Ms.Thumberman. Don't think you're going to get off easy because you're in here for a reason. Now, I want you to grab a dictionary and copy it until it's time to leave. Use only a blue or black pen. Anything less would be unacceptable and would result in another detention." She looked like a stony-face assassin speaking rather then the sweet angelic person she appeared to be. The class of silent while she spoke, there wasn't tension in the air so you can tell it wasn't from fear but respect. I on the hand was completely frighten; for one who in the hell expect someone to hand write the whole dictionary with out complaints? It is such a pointless assignment if you ask me but then again I wasn't asked. Haha see what I did there for all you assholes. She continue with her instructions letting us know that we are not able to talk for the first thirty minutes. She also excepts A-J done before detention is over. The consequence of the task being incomplete is another day in detention. 






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