The Last Breath..

This Is Never Ending.....


2. March 8, 2014

Chapter 1

That Day I Have To go To School And My Mom told me :

Zayn,Come here now!

Zayn: Okay Mom!

(I go Down )

Zayn: Whats Wrong? I said

(She look at me in My eyes And she saids....)

Mom: Zayn I Have To tell You something...Saffa doesn'st come yet...

Zayn: Why?What? Why Saffa doesn't come yet?

Mom:I dont know seens yesterday... Like from 10:00 p.m .

(She starts criying with so much hurt) ñ

The Next Day I Have To go To My Dad's office And I just comment her about this....In That moment He just tell me..

Dad:I Will Go with your Mom... We Have To find a detective....

April 1, 2014

A Hole trought month has passed seens Saffa does Not appear, thats strange because we call All The Detectives,Police And we already ask everyone But They dont know anything And The Last 2 days something has Being appearing in My Dreams, This Part of My Life is Called: Dreams In The Evidence

This maybe is a strange Part You know because this is Not normal yesterday My dream was about Zaffas Books she Always tells me That I Never Have To see or touch her things And I dont know why But It seems To me That maybe It can be Part of The Puzzle....(Interrogative Face)

(That same Day The detective just Came in To My house And tell us that They dont found anything yet...)

Detective Jake: Hello Malik Family, a Have a Good And a bad News for You....

Tricia (Mom):Ok!But I need You You To tell me The Good news.(She said That yelling)

Yaser (Dad): Tricia calm Down this is something important..

Detective Jack:Ok! Look The only thing I can tell You is That...The Day That Safaa desapear she go into a Black Car with some Girls maybe their names result You similar... The 1st is Called Susan...

Tricia (Mom): No,we don't know her....

Detective Jack: Ok! Thanks, The 2nd Girl is April....

Zayn:Yes!Yes! She Is April Evans!.... She is on My graffiti class.. And she knows, Whaliya & Saffa.....

Detective Jack:Ok! Zayn Thanks! I will ask You some questions about this Girl!

Zayn: Yes! Offcoures! I Want To help!!!....

(3 Hours later Doniya just Came in with a Good News!)

Doniya:Guys I Have Good news!!! (With a Very Happy Face)

Everybody: Doniya! What happen why arent You on The University I tought You were On Harvard??? (Questioning Face)

Doniya: Is Because, You know That Sean(Shon) we aré together seens 5 years ago ....And we aré waiting for a Baby...


Doniya:Yes! I am Pregnant...👶👪

(We just look at her, And That same Day we celebrate That!!)

2 Days Then....

Today,I Have To go To school...And I ask To My English profesor about this....He just tell me That this is Not normal!!

(When I go To Home I just take a shower And start lisening Music...This Night is Bolo's Night....)My Mom ask me:

Tricia(Mom):Zayn!Are You going with us?

Zayn:No Mom I'm staying...

(9:30 I just take a Nap:And I just see Like a vission about Doniya's Baby.. When he borns Zaffa Will be in Home again... )

(I wake Up scarded its just seem a while But It is already 9:00a.m...This seems so strange)

Doniya just saids:

Doniya:Breackfast is Ready!Everybody come Down...

(We go Down We eat....)

Zayn ask To Doniya:

Zayn:Doniya ¿Can I Ask You A Question?

Doniya:Yes! Ask To Me!

Zayn: Seens What Day You know You aré Pregnant???

Doniya: Well..I think That seens March,8 Why?

Zayn:No I'm just asking....(In My mind:This is so strange is Like another Part of The puzzle..)

Doniya:Hey!Where's Saffa????

(My Mom tell her about The tópic!!)

(Doniya start criying...)

Doniya:You know What this is strange because that day i receive The news....)

(Everybody,Look each other)

Lets Go To The next Chapter And Let See What Happend....

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