The Last Breath..

This Is Never Ending.....


3. Love At The First Watch

Chapter 2

(The next Day I Have To go again,And this time I Have To do a deliver at his friend house,Well David's House.....,Zayn Knock The door,mean while Gisselle opens It... This Part is Called: Love,in Fights...)

Zayn in That moment he just look at her with a Love Face..

Zayn:Mmm Hello! This is Poise Family??

Gisselle:Yes! Can I know Who are you?

Zayn:I'm Zayn Malik,And I Have a pacage for You....

Gisselle:Mm Thanks!

Zayn:Do You Have Boyfriend??

Gisselle:No! Why?

Zayn:Maybe one Day we can go To eat....

Gisselle:Yeah!Great idea.....

(In That momment Zayn receive a call from The detective....In That second he just left out of there And go To his office)


Detective Jack :Zayn,I call You because we Have another víctime in The crime....She is Called Perrie Edwards...Do You know her??

Zayn:Ofcourse! She is My Ex-Girlfriend!!....But How could she???

Detective Jack:That is The Question??In The Car off The crime,It has her fingers on It....

Zayn:I can't believe It!!And....What are you going to do??

Detective:We found her in a store near Seattle....And we move her to a pention but she is being watched......Until she tell us the truth.....

Zayn:Ohhh I forget it....Waliyha is coming today.....Ok Detective Thanks for the information but I have to go!!!

Detective Jack:Thanks to you for coming....

(Zayn Live Out Of There)

That Day At exactly 2:30 a.m I hear A sound at My mom's room That sounds something strange i woke Up And i saw Perrie going out Of The window.......

The next Day i woke Up!And My Mom does Not found her earrings Well Saffa's ones.....

Whaliya:Hello Family!!!!(With a happy face,until We tell her The thruth...)


Then,Everybody come To Hug And tell her! Zayn goes upstairs And he text Gisselle!)


Gisselle read It....

Gisselle:Hello Zayn!😌

Zayn:What R u doing??Can I know...😋

Gisselle:Nothing Studying!!..😳

Zayn:What if I Tell u... That My father has a contact of his office that his wife is principal Of Albukerke!!👌👌


Zayn:Yep And i think you R on The list of Entrance...🎉

Gisselle:Jajaj!!Yeah Right!! Okay!!U know I Have 2 go..😳

Zayn:Okay!!!Bye 🎈


(I go To Sleep,And My dream was about a Baby...This is something rare And Then about Saffa....)



Whaliya:Were's My Book!!!!!


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