SuperNatural War

Will Dean Winchester die?????
Will Sam Winchester be brave????
Or will the world burn in Hell????


7. The Big War

~Five days later in Lawrence, Kansas~

Sam and Dean went to the the graveyard, where the war was suppose to take place at. What everybody saw next was unbelievable. It was lucifer and all the monsters that all the hunters fought before. Sam and Dean and all the other hunters stood all in a straight line across from the enemies.

The war began blood was everywhere. Heads we're cut off and what happened next was Sam took the colt at aimed it at lucifer. Then Sam pressed the trigger. The bullet went through lucifer's head, but the war still went on. When Sam looked over at Dean was getting choked by a demon and stabbed.

After every monster was killed Sam ran over to Dean. "Dean please don't die!" Sam said having tears in his eyes. " Sammy I love you and take care of yourself." Dean said to Sammy. Those were dean's last and final words to Sam. " love you to Dean." Sam said crying. Sam and bobby buried Dean and went back to Bobby's house and the war ended and the world was saved.

~the end~

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