SuperNatural War

Will Dean Winchester die?????
Will Sam Winchester be brave????
Or will the world burn in Hell????


6. Preparing For War

" Sam and Dean I found where you can find that colt." Bobby said. "Where is it at?" Sam asked. "In Orlando, Florida, but it's owned by a hunter named Wesley." Bobby said. " come on Sammy are you coming." Dean said. " yeah bobby just had to give me the address to that hunters house." Sam explained to Dean. So they started to drive to Orlando, Florida to get the colt from Wesley. They stayed at a cheap rundown motel to stay in for a night. ~In the morning~

Sam and Dean packed all their stuff in the impala,and started to go to Wesley's house. After about a 40 minute car ride they finally got to Wesley's big, White House. They parked the car and knocked on the door, Wesley opened the door. " who are you?" Wesley asked. " we're Sam and Dean Winchester we're hunters."Sam said. " come in." Wesley said. " so why are you guys here?" Wesley asked. " we're here for the colt to kill lucifer in a war that we are going to be in." Dean explaining the situation to Wesley. " don't you need more people than you two?" Wesley said. " yeah, but we can't find people." Sam said.

"Well I know a lot of hunters that will join in on a war with lucifer." Wesley said. " good now we have an army." Sam said.

~back at Bobby's house~

The whole house was full of hunters and angels were fighting with us to. So basically it's Good V.S Evil type of war. Dean walked outside to call castiel for help. " Castiel I need to talk to you please, Cas." Dean said. " yes Dean." Castiel said. " where does this war take place at and when?" Dean asked. " the war will take place in Lawrence,Kansas in 5 days." Castiel explained to Dean. After Dean talked to castiel, he was worried about the war and how it was going to end. That night everybody prayed because of the war that their going to be in.

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