Where is Everyone

Its about a group of kids that wake up and everyone's gone so they set out a plain to go find where everyone is.

1. Strange



What happens when you wake up and no one’s there? Everyone’s gone, but that’s what you think.

I wake up in my basement in a closet. I don’t know why I was there. The weird thing was when I went upstairs my parents were gone. Where did they go? They didn’t leave a note on the kitchen table telling me where there at. Rose! Rose! Are you home. I don’t get an answer. Where could she be. I'm freaking out now, looking all over my sister, but still can’t find her. I go outside, still yelling for my sister. Rose! Rose! Still no sign of Rose and my parents. I can’t call them because the phones don’t work. Why, I'm not sure.

     It's strange if you ask me. My parents' car is in the driveway, but why? I go back in the house and set down at the kitchen table. I start to wonder where are they. I start thinking at the table. Then something comes to my mind, what if my parents and sister got kidnapped by someone.

You, Know, I’m really not sure what happened to them. I guess the only thing I could do is figure out something to do. I really can’t think of anything to do so I walk outside to take a walk thinking that might, give me a clue or something. I go around knocking on peoples doors to see if anyone was home, but no one was home. It was like my mom said before. That one day something bad would happen, everyone being gone. She said that the government would take over and bring everyone to a place where everyone will be. I start to think, Why would the government want to take everyone and what did we do to make them take everyone to a place? We were peaceful, we lived a happy life, why would they wait to take that away? I know what I'm going to do, I’ll make a plan. A mission to go find my parents and sister. The first thing I need to do is make a list of things I will be taking with me to go on my mission.




I’m finally done with my list. All I need to do is put my stuff in book bags. Good thing I have a lot of book bags. I used to buy a lot for different reasons.

I pack all the things that I need and put in my book bags. I then put   them in the wagon so when I'm walking tomorrow I won't have to carry a lot of stuff. Boom Boom! Someone's at the door, I thought that Everyone was gone. I go over by the window and see a girl. I couldn't  really see what she looks like, but I open the door. She looks at me and says“I didn't think anyone was still here, I thought they took everyone.” “Well, you guess wrong.”I tell her. What's your name, I ask her. “My name is Ivy and I'm 16 going on 17 in 4 more days but my parents aren’t here.” “What's yours.” My name is Luke, I'm 16 but I’ll be 17 in 2 more days.” You can come in, I tell her.” “Ok” She walks in and say’s “where are you going?” I look at her all confused. “The wagon is filled with things, why?” she says. I'm going to find my parents and sister. “You mind if I could come with you, I really don’t what to be alone here without anyone.” Sure I say back to her. “When do you think you're going?” Tomorrow. I look up at her face. It was so beautiful. I mean I have never seen a face like hers before. I thought other girls were pretty but not this pretty. She has brown wavy hair and her eyes are blue. I think people with blue eyes are pretty and when I mean people I mostly mean girls. ”What are you looking at?” Ow sorry was I staring? I tend to do that when I see..... (I stop talking because I almost said when I see pretty girls like you, Good thing I didn’t say it.) “When you see what?” Nothing, never mind. Just forget I was going to say something. (She’s smiling. Her smile is so beautiful.) “Please tell me.” I really don’t want to. “But why?” Because I don’t what to embarrass myself. “awww... Come on, I promise not to laugh.” OK. Fine. What I was going to say is that I tend to stare when I see beautiful girls. Ithinkthatyouarebeautiful. I say that kind of fast. I didn’t what her to hear me. “What?” I said I thinkyourbeautiful. She looks at me confused. “You think I’m beautiful, well, I'm not I think I’m ugly.” Well I don’t think so.


We should probably get you packed for tomorrow. I already have plenty of food. I’ll go get you another sleeping bag and a pillow. All you need to do is go get some clothes. Ok. “OK, ” she says. I’ll be back, do you have a flashlight?” Yea, here. “Thank you, I’ll be back.”

She comes back with some clothes. I give her a book bag so she could put her clothes in. “Thank you” she says.

“No problem,” if you want to bring something else with you you might wait to go get it, we will probably be walking for a long time.” I say to her.

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